Northern Lights

One of the things that I’m jealous to see my southern neighbours enjoy is the rare spectacle of the Northern Lights. I wish I could keep that quiet majesty all to myself here in Winnipeg. The Northern Lights have inspired me greatly for the last year, I’m glad to see that it’s inspiring others with the solar activity as of late. I can still remember the first time I really appreciated the Aurora Borealis, I had to write it down. I don’t know what it is about the Northern Lights that consumes me but maybe it has something to do with the same kind of energy that was prevalent at my Halloween party tonight. Man I love to throw a party.

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Everything’s fine

Well, emergency’s over and TGM is back up. It’s a strange experience, being heavily involved in a forum. I’m sure a lot of the people on the internet can relate, and it sometimes feels dorky, but it really does have the essence of a small town community in the day to day goings on. The boy / girl ratio is the only thing that I would change. As it stands in todays gaming world there are still *very* few girls interested in FPS 3d shooters. Percentage wise, of course.

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