Two for One

I may very well be staying in the smallest flat in London. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cozy and full of love, but in terms of physical dimensions, I believe it’s all of 290 square feet. I’m staying with my buddy howie and his girlfriend, and every night I put down the futon and engulf the entirety of their free space. In terms of convenience, I don’t think you could find anything better. It’s smack dab in the middle of downtown london, easy access to any tube that you may wish to travel on. Their hospitality has been unexpected and beyond what one might ask – you don’t know how many times I’ve tried to pay something only to be waved away and told that because I’m not used to british pounds, I can’t be expected to pay. At any rate, I’ve spent far less in these last few days then I expected, and the time has passed quite pleasantly. Tonight’s adventures involved happy hour (2 for 1 coronas), drinks at one bar, drinks at another, emotional dramas and dramatic emotions. All in all good fun and pretty much what I expected when I crossed the pond.

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On the Tate (Modern) and Flat Parties

Today was one of random encounters and free particles. I went to the Tate art museum in the afternoon – enjoying the wide assortment of modern art that I had never really appreciated before. At one point there was a balcony on which I tried to take a complete landscape photo of southern london, however my program was not up for the task of stitching it together. I enjoyed a traditional english Kebab on the roof of Howie’s flat, where we encountered some gents from the other set of flats who share the roof. Many drinks and interesting conversations later, we stumbled to a flat party that was at least five, distinct, cultural zones from home base. It’s a bit of an eye opener for me, a simple Canadian from Winnipeg, but it’s incredibly enjoyable. The flat party was kicking, the booze flowed freely, the night ultimately fulfilling. Tomorrow the traditional London clubbing experience. Hopefully I’ll find time to update tomorrow, however I cannot guarantee the state in which I’ll be writing. Who knows what batshit crazy stuff will spew.

A voyage of a thousand miles…

I have a confession to make. For the last while my writing has been lackluster, uninspired drivel with no real purpose or direction. From this day on it changes – new environments demand new perceptions. Yesterday, I boarded a creaky old 767 that flew me direct from Winnipeg to London, England. I’ve been planning my journey to Europe for the better part of 4 years – basically since I got back from a year and a half in Australia. Planning, well that’s a generous word. How about a nebulous idea with absolutely no preparation, a flight date, a mad scramble to pack, a series of drunken and not so drunken nights with friends, regrets, hopes, loves, losses and all that fucking jazz. I love to procrastinate, but let me tell you – preparing for an extended journey is something you should be doing months before your departure, not days.

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Some birthday presents you can’t return

In an effort to bring awareness to an injustice being done, I feel the need to inform you guys of something occuring between the great nations of Canada and the USA that is emblematic of the current US administration. It may seem like a small, nitpicky issue to you, however when treaties are being ignored and ecological damage is irreversable, people have to stand up and say “this is not right”.
The problem is simple – North Dakota is attempting to divert their crappy water into Manitoba.

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