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Ripples turn into waves

What exactly does it mean to be a person? I asked this question last post but I didn’t find an answer. Surely there must be something deep within us that defines who we are. Is our need for some kind of definition part of our common identity?
I like to look at humanity as a whole. I understand that in our global society, the notion of nations is fast becoming a detriment to our progress, but what exactly is this niggling need for nationalism? Is it as simple as needing someone to compare oneself against to find some solace in judgement? Or is just a throwback to outdated cultures?

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If you’re ever having an internet discussion with an anti-environmentalist and they pull out a study conducted in the name of science by such and such or at this or that institute which clearly shows how the problems of the environment are trumped up tomfoolery, just head to your trusty site and start doing some searches. This website has very carefully documented all of the financial contributions between exxon and the various ‘think tanks’ and other such institutes. It’s hard to argue for the unbiased nature of a particular study if they’re getting major donations from the oil company with the most to gain from our continued energy dependence. If the current chairman of Shell admits that the threat of climate change makes him “really very worried for the planet”, then perhaps even the hardcore denialists should wake up and smell the burning oil.