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Fight the Dragon

Care to fight me?


is a Human-Sized Dragon that has a Single Giant Eye and Prehensile Eyes, enjoys Climbing Buildings, and can turn Invisible.

Strength: 3 Agility: 9 Intelligence: 6

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat ChefQuix, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights ChefQuix using

(courtesy of The Speculist)

The failure of Symbolic Thought

Wally sent me a most interesting article on the failure of symbolic thought. I haven’t finished reading it but it’s full of good quotes already:

We seem to have experienced a fall into representation, whose depths and consequences are only now being fully plumbed. In a fundamental sort of falsification, symbols at first mediated reality and then replaced it. At present we live within symbols to a greater degree than we do within our bodily selves or directly with each other.

We succumb to objectification and let a web of culture control us and tell us how to live, as if this were a natural development. It is anything but that, and we should be clear about what culture/civilization has in fact given us, and what it has taken away.

Yep, a long and tricky read but it seems to be worth it.

MMP (Mindless Meme Propogation)

I’ve just started reading this essay entitled Greed by Julian Edney. It’s quite long and I have barely started it yet I know this might be right up the alley of people who visit this site. Let me know what you think, I’ll be posting any thoughts in the comments as I go.
(p.s. I just got a Gmail address.. can you guess what it is?)
After going through my daily comic routine, I found Bob the Angry Flower’s comic entitled Bob vs. Money part 2 particularily funny. You may want to read part 1 first.