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Musically declined

I still don’t understand the relationship between humanity and music. If you think about it abstractly, why is it that these harmonized rhythms and rhymes resonate with us so profoundly? A lot of my friends are music aficionado’s, and it makes my relative lack of musical insight all too apparent. For many years I’ve considered Way-k my own personal DJ, but there have been others who’ve enlightened me with regard to inspiring music as well. At any rate, when you hear a good song, you *know* it’s a good song. Is it the lyrics? Is it the melody? What determines a good song?

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I checked in on the ol’ Internet tonight and saw that it was abuzz with the recent beheadings. I followed a thread to comment when it was at 3 pages, when I had finished composing it had grown to 11. I love how the Internet localizes the attention of the wired world at certain points when particularily shocking events occur. The forum I linked to seemed awash with condemnation of Islam and the Eastern philosophy in general. I felt compelled to post a comment about tolerance and messages of peace and love because gosh darn it, I’m a fricking hippy.

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I bought my current computer in January of 1999. The only thing I’ve done besides getting a new harddrive was upgrading from the Celeron 300A to a Pentium III 500 when the overclocking didn’t work. Otherwise this is the same system that I hacked away at in my glory days as a Nortel Intern. It’s become glaringly obvious that it’s time for a new computer. For the last week I’ve been agonizing over the decision of a replacement, and I’m torn between a higher end laptop (which will be a definate performance increase) verus a virutal gaming demi-god desktop. I love video games, and this is a big decision for me, one of ‘life altering’ proportions. 😉 If I choose the mobility of a laptop then I’m betting on my writing and ‘business’ orientation for the future me. If I choose the gaming demi-god then I’ll feeding my addiction but at the same time using a computer that is fantastically powerful. After 4 years it will be a big step up. So I’m torn and looking for any thoughts. I never like making decisions and now the internet allows others to make decisions for me. 😛

Wire the World

I dislike my job. I’m not the only one I know, and there are many fringe benefits to my particular position, but at the same time the work that I do I find intensely boring and mundane. Combine that with a directionless and ineffectual work atmosphere and you’ve got worker angst, manifesting in me at all times. The only pleasure I get is working with the kitty – our arguments and debates are a source of constant enjoyment.
I realize now that there is no future in this job. Previously I have entertained thoughts of travelling next fall – mainly travelling Europe to begin with but gradually heading east, but maybe there’s a better way to see the world. I want to start a charity specifically dedicated to wiring the world, to set up computers and internet access in poor impoverished countries. Of course I want to do many things, but I think I could really get into this if it were my career.

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Well sweet jesus I’m tired. It’s 2:45 am and once again I’m coming off a debate high. When the hell am I gonna learn that as a 9-5er working stiff I have to go to bed at a reasonable time? Anyways, what follows is my latest reply in the *best* *debate* *ever*. Well at least for me, at any rate.
This JKS is quite a clever mind, although there have been others as well such as LabRat whom I have enjoyed verbally sparring with. I have the feeling that this discussion is really just getting started, so I encourage everyone to either comment here or over at e..e..e and put in their two cents. If it gets really crazy we can always move it over to the forum. Yeah right.

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