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Is there anybody else out there thinking?

What’s going on in China? Where are the voices of the chinese? Why does this country have a solitary voice? I really don’t know too much about China, but I feel that my life has had more brushes with this mysterious culture than the average North American. However I still feel that my personal contact with chinese people and their large percentage of our earthly population has been somewhat lacking. I’ve been chatting with a video gamer named DavisLee for over a year now but he has been quite restrained in showing his true ‘self’. I invite Davislee to tell me something about his life.. 😉

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A little bit of everything…

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, although I’ve never really read them too much. I’m thwarted however by something that’s become more and more infrequent but subsequently more and more annoying – loss of internet. So here I am, stuck using the only writing program that does what I want but I hate to use. I tried ultra edit but I couldn’t figure out how to set the word wrap. Too many options I guess. What it really came down to was that I didn’t have a single program that’s designed specifically for writing in html, the language of the web In so many ways. I’m not very good at formatting my style though. This is something I wish I could excel at yet find myself not being able to. It’s a difficult task that is really under-appreciated. I wish all of us technical guys could pull our asses out of our heads and recognize that the art that goes into web-design should not be something slighted because it’s less ‘cerebral’, especially financially.

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