And now for something completely different

I had a vision… a waking dream…
On my worst enemy I would not deem.
I couldn’t remove the image from my head,
it stayed until I wished I was dead.
Death it seems so fleetingly near,
a form of terror without peer.
I felt the need to settle the score,
click the link to find out more…

Get your hand out of your pants you filthy bastard! What have you got against kittens anways???
Thanks to oldcatman for reminding me of the power of kittens.

13 thoughts on “And now for something completely different”

  1. That is some elite poetry skillz you got goen there, Chef. And as kool as that Public Service Announcement is, It raises two important questions…
    With the continuing flood of high quality internet porn that geeks have access to, what will He kill after He runs out of kittens?
    Why does God get to have all the fun?

  2. But cats have 9 lives so… really i could masturbate 207 times and God will only take 23 kittens! but if i did it 213 times do you think he’d round up or down? anyways seems like a pretty sweet deal …. more porn.

  3. According to this site ( ) there are over 500 million cats in the world. Let’s conjecture that 1/10 of them are kittens, so that would be 50 million kittens. If kittens have 9 lives, that would require 450 million masturbation sessions to eradicate all of them. Let’s say that half of all canadians can successfully masturbate themselves to climax, and could average one session a day. It would take a whole month to remove the kitten infestation once and for all!
    Alright, let’s get started. Who’s with me??

  4. QUOTE: Who’s with me?? – Chef
    Uhh..dude… wow ummmm….. yeah usually I have at it by myself. Call me old fashioned but i do not have other dudes around when i have at it.

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