Politics, revisited

One of the great things I love about TGM is the forums where every one in a while brilliance emerges. My milenko brother * 99 Cent * has produced the greatest shit since sliced bread, honestly. Especially if you’re a bush basher. All of those bush backers might have a few words to say, and I’d love to hear them. The ensuing discussion is quite interesting as well, if you’re bored and looking for something to pass the time.
There are elements of evil in our society that we have become so used to that we don’t even give it second thought. It seems funny to me that christianity has so tightly held onto the belief in the fact of Jesus that they’ve forgot the teachings of God. Wasn’t he all about the 7 deadly sins? Why do people seem to forget these things, or pervert them out of some sense of owed comfort? Why don’t people ever talk about virtues? Aren’t there things we should be striving for that can make us better people? I know there’s nothing written in a stone tablet handed down from god himself but surely a collective of people can come up with some virtues that are good for the best of everybody?
The Bush’s Resume post led to an interesting discussion about the values and aspirations of the republican party as well as some derogatory discourse about the democrats. I’m all about finding the balance, so I had to post my idea of a perfect governing system:
Why is it that everyone assumes that it has to be either free enterprise democracy or marxist communism? Aren’t there benefits to both systems? Perhaps a democratic communism with information and entertainment as the main currency and not so much the big house, the SUV, the fur coat.
Everything in the world changes, new theories come about and adaptation is a strength that humanity relied on to get this far. If we start viewing the system as rigid then we lose sight of this. Remember, we invented the currency system and there’s absolutely no reason to think it’s set in stone. We can easily reinvent it. Change it. Mold it into a better purpose for humanity. But everybodie’s so fascinated with the big house, the SUV, the fur coat.

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  1. Ohhh… Moralism

    I don’t like moralistic arguments. If you can’t back up a concrete argument concretely, you have crossed the line from valid discourse to preaching and moral superiority. Recently, I commented on the writings of one of my least favorite moralists,…

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