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You are Proverbs
You are Proverbs.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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I don’t know about this… I like to talk. I rarely find those ‘comfortable silences’ when I’m around other people, so I like to fill the quiet with chatter about this that and the other. At least it’s entertaining – most people usually tell me I think too much as opposed to talk too much which is sort of interesting. In fact, of the four flights I took to get to Ottawa (Winnipeg to Toronto, Toronto to Ottawa and vice versa) I believe in 3 of the 4 conversations (lengthy ones – the only way I can get through a flight is if I’m talking to someone) that I had I was told I think too much. I say you can never think enough.

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  1. Thinking is good, but there has to be a point where you take action on your thoughts. Thinking about getting out of bed for 3 hours does not help you get out of bed until you commit to and act on that thought, and get your ass out of bed. Thinking for the sake of thinking is useless unless you are willing to act on or do anything with the thoughts.

  2. You are Psalms.
    Which book of the Bible are you? brought to you by Quizilla
    Aside from some issues that are really just semantic, I think this is pretty much right on, which is surprising considering the length of the quiz. I didn’t know how to answer the God question, because I felt like every one of the questions said the same thing (I love God, He is great, He is my Savior) in a different way, so I chose the first one, “I know He’s there… but He must not be very pleased with me… otherwise my life might be better.” It was really a joke, and I don’t really feel like that, because I don’t know what to make of God, but the result still came out close enough. I’m going to look at some other quizzes. These are interesting.

  3. …I think….therefore I am……………………………..”thinking”, perhaps the most important ‘bodily’
    function…but yet I do know lots of people (about 90% of the population) that don’t think!
    ……the Bible? Is it on the Times best seller list?

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