Willie Nelson

I’m glad to see after all these years Willie Nelson is still focused on the game plan. His message of peace has been constant throughout his entire career and those who love him love him for that reason. Check out ‘What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth?‘, some words by Willie Nelson (link courtesy of oldcatman).
The truth is also my weapon of mass protection. Thank you Willie for inspiring us all.

6 thoughts on “Willie Nelson”

  1. In 1979 Nelson played in Lima Ohio in a free concert with Waylon.The entire nation was in a horrible state due to the moronic pres Carter.I at that time happened to get backstage simply because I was interested in the groupies.When Nelson took his break he came back and spoke w me.We actually knew each other through my Aunt which is in the music industry.At the time in my young years I simply told Nelson that I thought his music sucked(still do).Now we find out that this ignoramous Nelson has sided w Kerry for president.What a piece of work.If white trash gets any lower we are all going down.So go vote for Pres Bush and dont let idiots like Nelson sway you over to the trashy side.

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