25 thoughts on “If I was a movie…”

  1. I don’t constantly call you anti-Semitic, I am constantly calling you lazy and not to waste work time with your blog. And to be fair, I only bring up the anti-Semitic thing when you start with your Jew hating.

  2. Those are strong words for criticism of the Israeli Governments expansionist policies. I guess you are part of that silent, stupid majority who equate the two. Why don’t you get back to work instead of reading my blog? Ass.

  3. I was working untill someone was all “Look at my blog! Read my blog! Me and my blog! I have a blog. You should read my blog.” Ass.

  4. Listen up jerkface, you know you love it. You love getting to play the ‘Darkness that is jkitty’, and I provide you the opportunity. I’m sorry if I’m trying to provide a little entertainment in your black, bleak little world. Ass.

  5. A) I was the dark kitten long before you came up with this creative waste of work time.
    B) Your quiz sucz ass. I got the same movie as you. Next time you post a personality quiz make sure there are more then 2 possible scores.
    C) You are an asshat.
    D) if you really want to provide a little entertainment in my black, bleak little world, try working during work hours. I would giggle like a small school girl.

  6. Work eh, such a foreign concept. I’d say it’s work enough sitting in this shitty little office listening to you huffing and puffing and frowning over my work ethic. We both know that I’m not the best worker, true, but at the same time we get by, so I don’t see why you’re complaining.

  7. The quality of our little office would go up a point or two if you invested in some deodorant. I don’t complain as much as tell it as it is. Well ok I do complain about how it is, but at any rate, you should work harder cuz you get paid for a 40 hour work week, not a 14 hour work week. But really, deodorant, they sell it for like 3 bucks at some places…

  8. Fine I will drop the deodorant issue, and mention the constant farting, burping and lack of a toothbrush in your possessions. But your personal hygiene aside, stop playing pointless web based games and work.

  9. If only you knew the rules of debate and followed that civil rule of ‘ad hominem’ it would be so much more fun, however as I don’t stink and neither do you, stop fabricating and dramaticizing for the sake of a silly argument. I see you wasting as much time as me here, in fact one might say you’re wasting more as it takes you longer to type in your comments with your tubby little fingers. I find it very amusing to see you perched over keyboard, scratching your head, copying and pasting into word for spell checking purposes and then finally laughing your little laugh when you’ve cobbled together a barely comprehensive sentence. Ok that was totally ad hominem but what the hell, it’s funny to make fun of monkeys.

  10. AAaahhhh!!! Really, I would stab a hobo for you to put in a consecutive 30 minutes of work this week. Like really, if an employee was to show up late over the last couple of weeks, would one not try and make the most of the time that they were at work? I think we need to start a poll of your blog readers to that effect. I mean ten to one, your readers can’t just slack off at work and wander in when ever they felt like it. Think about it, if your parents had your kind of work ethic, you would be living in the “basement” their refrigerator box.
    And for the record, I am not fabricating and dramaticizing your farting and burping. In fact, you are farting right now.

  11. I’ve always said there’s enough external pressures in the world to have to deal with internal pressures. Let it all go man, let it go.
    So I’m the worst employee. I’ve never argued this point. Nonetheless many of our paying clients love me and we’re still in business, surprise surprise, because of me. BLeh. Enough about work.

  12. –we’re still in business, surprise surprise, because of me
    Well thank god, in addition to wasting work time; you indulge in ego induced fantasies. And as for letting go of all the pressure as the spirit leads, no wonder girls on the bus look at you kind of strange.

  13. There is a time and a place for everything – obviously a crowded bus may not be the place to ‘break wind’. However I see nothing wrong with having you breath in my poo particles – you should consider it a privledge. 🙂

  14. Sorry The Kitty doesn’t swing that way, don’t get the Kitty wrong, all about the kinky just not with you. And I do apologize for implying you fart on a crowed bus. We all know the real reason for the girls being uncomfortable on the bus with you. STOP STARING AT THEM!!! No amount of staring and hoping that your mind control abilities will kick in will work. It will only get you arrested. For all of you at home, staring at a person for longer then the length of time then 3 bus stops is too long.

  15. What we got here is failure to communicate. Some man you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week. Which is the way he wants it. Well he gets it and I don’t like it any more than you man.

  16. Oh Kitty,
    You Company Girl. Even your lame attempt at ambition makes you look stupid and hateful.
    please feel better,

  17. Oh christopher,
    You ChefQuix Fanboy. Your lame attempt at trying to burn me makes you look sad and lazy. I never claimed not to be hateful. I did claim however, that this comment thread is not to be used as a means of sucing up to the site’s host, ChefQuix.
    please feel free to remove your lips from Chef’s ass,

  18. hi kitty,
    i just received a call from your 8th grade english teacher. she’s threatening suicide. truly sucing news.
    and how does copying the majority of my post and the fact that you’re incredibly uncreative make me ‘sad and lazy’?
    you’re adorable- in that special olympics way. the only thing i want to do with my lips is kiss every retarded inch of your face, you crazy freak.
    love, christopher
    PS. we really should stop all this. but i know you’ve got more in you so please continue. however, i have a very busy weekend planned so i may not be able to read whatever brilliance you come up with and you’ll have to masturbate on your own until i get back. ciao, bella.

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