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The content has been a little on the light side for a while here, but I have a good excuse. I’ve been frantically trying to help my dad put together his doctoral thesis and it’s been taking all of my time at night. I might just have to rant about the uselessness of MS Word 2003 one of these days, man oh man for software that’s supposed to make things easier we sure wasted enough time getting all the formatting and what not working. Anyway, as I’m at work I’ll keep this short with some interesting links:
My Milenko brother Bubu has a list of things that Bush forgot to mention in his State of the union address. Very interesting read.
Do plants act like computers? An interesting theory explaining the behaviour of plants.
Now for something a little lighter (or do I mean higher?)- the Marijuana-logues. Pretty funny.
Finally, something that I could probably use – A video game controller that doubles as exercise equipment. Cool!

5 thoughts on “Return of the linkage”

  1. I have used MS Word on the computers at work to write procedures, but I much prefer Corel WordPerfect. I have the Suite 8 I bought several years ago on both my personal computers and love it. Hell, it even makes me sound semi-intelligent!
    Now if they would only come up with a spell-check that would tell me even though I spelled the word right, it’s the wrong word!
    ( Actually Corel WordPerfect8 does, sort of. It has a “Promptp-as you-go” Thesaurus that will give you synonyms for the word you just used; if you bother to check it the drop-down menu.)

  2. If you have MS Word installed on the same computer you use to connect to the Internet, there is a very good chance Microsoft already has the serial number of the copy you are using. If the same copy is also installed on one or two other computers that are also connected to the Internet, they already know someone has been sharing. One or two copies they may not be concerned about. It’s when the same serial number begins popping up on a dozen or more you can expect to get an angry e-mail from their lawyers.
    Do yourself a favor and buy the latest version of Corel WordPerfect, or you may be able to get an older copy cheaper at a discounter or on ebay or Amazon, but don’t go below suite 8. Corel is set up a bit different than MS Word, but once you get use to it, you will be glad you switched.

  3. I’m actually debating whether or not I should move over to linux and be done with it. I figure most of the applications I use are things that would work well in linux, but it’s the allure of video games that keeps me in Windows. I guess I could just dual boot but I’m such an impatient person – I don’t want to reboot every time.

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