Evolution, revisited

Courtesy of spurl, I found this link of 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense. This is what I would consider a definitative list of the major arguments and subsequent refutations of creationists in their battle against logic and rationality. Bookmark this. Keep it handy every time you approach a creationist. This knowledge and our common usage of it are the only things that can beat the black beast that is creationism into submission and back into the primitive subconscious from which it arose. If there is one dividing line between people, this is it – the assertion that we are divinely created, that we are too complex to have evolved without some intelligent design. To me, if you don’t believe in evolution as a fact then you are a luddite. Your perception of the world is irrelevant because it is tainted with a colossal misunderstanding that is absolutely fundamental to the appreciation of the human experience that is our life. Understand it, appreciate it, welcome it or be damned in my eyes.

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  1. Evolution: it smacks you in the face in just about every minute of one’s life..whether it be
    human physical evolution or scientific evolution! The phsical evolution is so apparent in
    sports! IE: I had a high school classmate that played offensive guard in the NFL for 10
    years, his top weight was 260–he’d be a midget linemen today, with or without steroids!
    An NBA lineup of 30 years ago are all midgets compared to today’s 7 footers……………………muskets to nukes…….horses to rocket ships……on and on………………to not accept evolutionism is beyond description!

  2. Well I’m not sure how much steroids affect evolution, although I suppose that they may mutate the sperm in the ol’ nutsack.
    bruce: That would be fitting. If they want to put warning labels on textbooks about the theory of evolution then they should put labels on bibles about the theory of creationism.. Ah well, the world is never just.

  3. A special note to the thekitty:
    When I was composing this post in a state of drunken righteousness I imagined a horde of bible thumping verse quoting fundamentalists beating a path to my door. Although the statement of no arguments stands for these (imaginary) netizens, as always, you are the exception to the rule. Please do not feel inhibited in declaring your beliefs here, this is a kitty friendly site.

  4. Now that the threat of being neutered is gone, I feel safe to post. Though I will not be posting my thoughts or arguments for or against in this post, rest assured I will compile a list of thoughts on this and post them shortly. I must prepare for such a post, since I will be the chosen one whose ideas will be permissible to be presented to you. Now that free speech has returned to Information Pollution, all is well. Let peace reign again in the office…

  5. I did not bother reading the whole paragraphs becuase it will be a waste of energy for my mind to even try processing nonsense like that. All I read was the statements and it was enough for me to conclude that article was full of doo doo. The truth lives on forever, hope lies only in the eye of the foolish beholder.

  6. i agree with the article
    chef do u belive in creationism or evolution?
    i couldnt tell from your big words what your opinion was

  7. Evropej, the article was a bit big, but i would encourage you to re-read it at a later date, even if you do not agree with it. I do not and am in the middle of complying my official rebuttal, but here is the thing. If you only read things you agree with then you never challenge your ideas and beliefs. I like to challenge my beliefs, not in order to change them, but to ensure that i really do believe what i say i believe. ‘sides if you discount something before you read it cuz it sounds crazy, then that reflects poorly on you. Hell if i discounted everything Chef said just cuz it “sounded crazy”, i would never listen to him. wait… uhhh.. never mind….
    As to the weapons used in the office, the only bruised egos are Chefs and sometimes our boss’s. Me, I know i am an ass hole. hard to knock me off of my self-elevated ego, when i already know i am not the new hottness.
    But at any rate, fuc the novel Chef, we are going for a 3-part made-for-TV-movie, written by the 2 of us, but with Kevin Smith

  8. damn thang cuz my slick comment off….
    should read…
    but with Kevin Smith directing and Woody Allen staring as the pizza guy.

  9. Woody Allen as the pizza guy, that is fucking legendary. Ghettotech – down and out in the .com holocaust. Evropej, read what thekitty wrote. He speaks the truth in many ways.

  10. I am currently reading a text on The Enlightenment. During that time many thought that reason would ultimately triumph over superstition. Science and Reason had brought forth new governments, new medicines, new freedoms, longer life and the promise of a better life for everyone.
    To a large degree they delivered on that promise. Look at the world we live in. Compared to even the royalty of old most of us live better, fuller lives because of advances made though the sciences.
    Enlightenment thinkers must have assumed that having delivered where superstition and religion had failed would ultimately lead people to reject their old ways, embrace the new world and leave that dreadful reality behind.
    And we have, to a certain degree, so much so that even today most clergy accept the basic foundations of science and have devoted themselves, rightfully so to the realm of the spiritual.
    Creationism is a weird throw back to the pre-enlightenment era. It belongs on the shelf with Witch Hunts, Leaches and Exorcisms. It tries to impose psuedo-science into the realm of real science. In so doing it not only violates the very spirit of scientific thought but it tries to once again blur the lines between superstition and reason.
    That the people proposing these warning labels are not laughed out of office is a testament to how lax we have become at teaching the basics of science. In many ways we have become complacent of the gains we have made in the past few centuries. We take many things for granted that were simply inconceivable to people of past ages. Our ignorance of science could lead us to perhaps unintentionally undermine the foundations for the world we enjoy. If we see no connection between the good methods of science and the technology and freedoms it produces we risk destroying them.
    Creationism not only represents a return to bad thinking it acts as an indicator as to the depths we have sunk in our basic understanding of the highly technological world in which we live. I like to tell people that a man hooked to a life saving machine could be convinced to pull his own plug if he fails to see the connection between the plug and the machine. Science and technology are the life saving machine and good scientific methods are that plug. Creationism is not only bad science, its also bad religion as well.
    Even religious people should reject the mutant beast that is creationism.

  11. While I was reading that I came to find out(I’m still not entirely sure) that it was arguing FOR evolution and not AGAINST it as I had initially thought. I read it almost word for word only skipping the semi-important preface which probably would’ve set me straight to begin with, but I still had some trouble with it. All of the arguments listed seem to support both sides, not a one of them isn’t controversial..

  12. One of the main reasons that so many find evolution as a fact so hard to swallow is that it basically invalidates religion. Take a look at Judiasm and Christianity. If one of the tenets of the these religions are proven false, what does that say about the rest of the ‘truths’ therein?

  13. Um, I didn’t read it all.. but I like the idea of millions of monkies typing on keyboards. 🙂
    I beleive in evolution… but without a God, our existance becomes meaningless. I like to make myself feel better by saying that God created goo (or big bang) and rules, and that goo evolved into us using those rules. I was watching TV once, and some physics dude said that the math, physics, and science that works all together to create this universe, works so well, that the odds of that are incomprehensible.
    Religion, now that was created by humans, not God.

  14. Why is existence meaningless without God? If one looks at life from a probability angle, then the odds of us being here are astronomical as you say. Shouldn’t that give us the wherewithall to appreciate the gift of existence? I think so at least.

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