Good news for any of my fellow Canadians that want seamless Wi-Fi access because it looks like the major wireless carriers have agreed on common standards for roaming and interoperability. What this means is that anybody signing up for any of those carriers will be able to use any hotspot that’s available. Ubiquitous wireless internet! Of course this lends weight back to the purchae of a Laptop as discussed in my previous entry, because the thought of accessing broadband internet anywhere I go is positively titilating. I am, after all, an unadulterated self confirmed Net Junky.
Still, it’s good to see that the national carriers were able to come to an equitable agreement so quickly. Wi-Fi and other high speed wireless services will be The Next Big Thing because just like the original phone, it’s much better when there’s no wires attached. We can only hope that the rollout of this service will be trouble free and not prohibitively expensive. Make no mistake, Canadians are notoriously cheap.


I bought my current computer in January of 1999. The only thing I’ve done besides getting a new harddrive was upgrading from the Celeron 300A to a Pentium III 500 when the overclocking didn’t work. Otherwise this is the same system that I hacked away at in my glory days as a Nortel Intern. It’s become glaringly obvious that it’s time for a new computer. For the last week I’ve been agonizing over the decision of a replacement, and I’m torn between a higher end laptop (which will be a definate performance increase) verus a virutal gaming demi-god desktop. I love video games, and this is a big decision for me, one of ‘life altering’ proportions. 😉 If I choose the mobility of a laptop then I’m betting on my writing and ‘business’ orientation for the future me. If I choose the gaming demi-god then I’ll feeding my addiction but at the same time using a computer that is fantastically powerful. After 4 years it will be a big step up. So I’m torn and looking for any thoughts. I never like making decisions and now the internet allows others to make decisions for me. 😛