I bought my current computer in January of 1999. The only thing I’ve done besides getting a new harddrive was upgrading from the Celeron 300A to a Pentium III 500 when the overclocking didn’t work. Otherwise this is the same system that I hacked away at in my glory days as a Nortel Intern. It’s become glaringly obvious that it’s time for a new computer. For the last week I’ve been agonizing over the decision of a replacement, and I’m torn between a higher end laptop (which will be a definate performance increase) verus a virutal gaming demi-god desktop. I love video games, and this is a big decision for me, one of ‘life altering’ proportions. 😉 If I choose the mobility of a laptop then I’m betting on my writing and ‘business’ orientation for the future me. If I choose the gaming demi-god then I’ll feeding my addiction but at the same time using a computer that is fantastically powerful. After 4 years it will be a big step up. So I’m torn and looking for any thoughts. I never like making decisions and now the internet allows others to make decisions for me. 😛

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  1. O’myGaud, flip a coin. This is not like deciding who to vote for or if you should get that sex change operation that everyone it talking about. This is buying a computer, not a life altering, fork in the road decision time, should I cut the red wire or the blue one, type of thing. The world will continue to rotate the same as it did yesterday regardless of what computer you buy. Shit and people say I am a drama queen.

  2. Ah but there you see you’re missing the crux of the problem – if I get the gaming demigod then I am succumbing to my addictions and admitting that I will be spending the majority of my spare time playing games. Whatever becomes of that choice will be entirely different from if I choose the laptop, where mobility and less gaming power will force me to focus on more writing and business oritentated pursuits. Thus in some ways you could call it a fork in the road. Ass.

  3. Not really, cuz if you get the desktop you will play games all the time. But if you get the laptop, you will play games all the time. Nothing changes except you could play games on your laptop outside of your room, allowing the rest of the world to point their finger at you and laugh.

  4. But I couldn’t play the latest and greatest games on the laptop. If I bought the gaming demigod I would be good for at least another 4 years. The laptop would probably only be good for 2 or 3. As for pointing their fingers and laughing, well they already do that everytime I leave the house so what do I care? Jerkface.

  5. Go for the best you get with the money you have to spend. Seems to me like this is the desktop version.
    Latptop prices continue to come down and if you decide you want one in the future, go for it.
    The bottom line is, if you don’t get the desktop, you won’t have the option of playing the games, freeing your mind, and escaping from your work when you need to.
    You will eventually end up resenting the work for depriving yourself of hours of mindless entertainment.
    If you give yourself the option, it will be up to you to master your will power, which is much more character building.
    But then again, this could be why I’m broke, so take my advice for what it’s worth…

  6. Life altering proportions, eh?
    The purchase of a computer will not determine your fate, my friend.
    This choice appears tricky because you’re actually trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. How can you pin your future on a purchase?
    First, figure out what you want to do with yourself.
    Second, pick a PC that matches this goal.
    Not the other way around.

  7. How about a semi-demi-god gaming-only desktop AND a low end laptop for business.
    If you play your cards good, you might be able to afford both, nowdays.
    Remember, even if you devide the money and buy 5 computers you will still feel like you bought the best computers in the world after 4 years of having the same one.

  8. Unfortunately I’m not made of money and I’ll only be buying one computer. I have however given it some more thought and i may instead just get a power house computer (IE something with 2 gigs) and try and do some heavy calculations.. AI has been on my mind again lately and it’s definately a subject I wish to pursue.

  9. …and the old computer dummy speaks: My son, who has earned a living in the computer field for 20 years, advised me once: before you spend any additional money on a “computer, hardware or software, what is the NEW PURCHASE going to do for your computer life?
    Unfortunetly, I went from a failing IMAC to an EMAC and have encountered “enhancements”
    that are more aggravating than the failing IMAC. Good advise: Yes, flip a coin or buy a Game Boy!

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