I’ll make one prediction, and I hope I’m right. Google will not allow public sign up for their gmail service – they only want to let friends of friends in. If you don’t get a gmail invite, you’re not going to get a gmail account. There’s a number of really excellent reasons to do it this way, too. First of all, now they instantly know who is connected to who. Why are those social network programs like Friendster and Orkut so popular? The value the link between people as the highest metric for classifying individuals. By rolling out the gmail service with invites only, they build the database backend which allow them to introduce the next generation of social software – something that combines a vast storage of personal net space with a messaging, file sharing and social networking backbone. Eventually they’ll eliminate spam: Only emails from other gmail accounts are trusted, everything else (except perhaps trusted partners) is disregarded as junk. So the next evolution of the Internet begins, but here’s the problem – the only way this can properly work is if we hand over a lot of our privacy into the hands of one company. How trustworthy is Google?

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  1. Falling into Their Web?

    Chef Quix has some interesting speculations as to how Google is likely to go about distributing their GMail service, and what valuable information they plan to collect along the way. If he’s right, those Google folks are a bunch of…

  2. Google, hmmmm. Since I use Blogger I got an invite, but decided against it for a number of reasons. First, Google has consistantly turned down paid ads from sites and blogs critical of the Bush administration. My brother, scroff, (deudderwun), runs a site called Any Which Way which is highly critical of Bush, Cheney and the whole Neo-con crew. He tried to buy a paid ad and was refused because the content on his site was found “objectionable”. It’s only “objectionable” to Bush supporters. Here’s the address, see for yourself:
    (I have since deleted Google from my blog.)
    Second, it appears that this “gmail” program is loaded with spyware, something I object to strenuously. Why do you think they are giving it away? What’s in it for them? Spyware. That’s what.
    Third, as others have mentioned, too much control for one company, especially a company with such obvious political motivations.
    Thank you but I’ll stick to my Yahoo account, love it!
    btw, if you hate spyware as much as I do, go to PC Worlds website and download Ad-Aware 6. It’s free from PC World and is highly rated for seeking out and eliminating spyware from your pooter.

  3. Come to think of it, they rejected my application for good ads as well.. 😉 I figured it’s because I had absolutely no focus. Still, maybe it’s because they wouldn’t be able to find advertisers who want to advertise their wares on politically charged blogs.
    As for spyware, I look at it this way – they’re going to be serving up ads that are generated from keywords in my emails. But it’s not a person doing it, it’s software. Eventually we’re going to have to trust software to be impartial to us or we’ll get destroyed when the computer intelligence evolves. Plus it’s a gig free and the way they organize your emails is very clever. I am enjoying it very much.

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