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Shameful, I know, but I’m going to be echoing Wally’s blog once again because he’s found something really nifty and cool. I’ve mentioned in the past a tool I use to keep track of noteworthy URLs: Spurl to track them and del.icio.us to display them. Enter Extispicious, a cleverly designed category display tool.
This is my noosphere.
This is Wally’s.
If nothing else, you should start using those tools because I tell ya, it’s damn handy to go back and find a URL that you thought was interesting but can’t remember anymore. Plus it’s portable! No need to worry about emailing links to and from work. 😉

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  1. Sign up for the Spurl program (at the link above) and just start spurling! Make sure it’s setup to share data with del.icio.us as well, or you won’t be able to use this neat tool.

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