3 thoughts on “The Long Emergency”

  1. WOHO… for a minute there I thought we were in trouble.
    So have you convinced your parents to get rid of their SUV? 🙂

  2. I’m working on it. It’s been a battle for a long time… right now I’m trying to convince them to trade in my moms car for two of those smart cars… Leave the SUV for the trailer when they want to go camping, but then have the two little things to drive around the city.

  3. Ello there, Cheffy! Remember me? Probably not, my name used to be Tommy Vercetti. We miss you over at notaggaming.com, wanna come over and enlighten our lives with -ummm- worlds running out of energy? What? The world is running out of energy?! RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! AAAAAAH! *engine starting, screeching tires*

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