The God Who Wasn’t There

While browsing through winamp’s Internet TV selection, I came across an interesting video stream. No, I’m not talking about the derth of free porn, but the stream for infidelguy. I caught the tail end of a broadcast about a movie being released called The God Who Wasn’t There. The video stream spot was trying to pass across the idea of a ‘netroot’ campaign of screenings; grassroot promotion of an independent movie. I watched the trailer (low quality) and I must say that I’m intrigued.
The premise of the movie is that Jesus is fictional, and that God doesn’t exist. For a long time, I didn’t really believe that he actually existed. Over the last couple of years I have come to the conclusion that he probably did exist, but that instead of of being the son of God, was actually just a philosopher who had some good ideas. To go back to the thought that he was fictional is an interesting one, and I look forward to this movie’s release. I might be motivated enough to organize a screening myself in Winnipeg.

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  1. What universe do you come from??
    I mean that literally.
    Whether there is/was a God, or if there was an actual person named Jesus Christ who did all the things it is claimed, all depends on which universe you exist in.
    We each exist in our own, and we each decide which “truths” are true in our own universe.
    To some George W. Bush is an honorable and dedicated leader of the United States. To others he is the Evil Emperor incarnate. Which is true?
    It depends on which universe you exist in!
    There are no answers. There are only choices.

  2. BTW
    If you have not done so already, I recommend the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”
    Trust me on this one! ;O)

  3. Any particular part in dogma or just the entire movie?
    Chuck: I have and I will probably do a post – it’s definately on the to do list. However I’m torn about the content because as much as I really enjoyed the concepts within, but aren’t they really just pet theories? I mean you have pet theories and I have pet theories but is there any way we can back them up with real science? You know, the scientific method, etc etc? Otherwise it’s all just a bunch of information pollution. There is truth out there but is espousing theories without scientifically rigourous testing really getting us closer to it?

  4. Actually the “What the Bleep Do We Know?” is pretty much all based on Quantum Physics. That is also how I came to my own philosophy of Poly-Solipsism, which as you already know I first called The Quantum Mandrake.
    I formulated the concept by following the trail of evidence being expounded on by Science, especially the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics. I have many links to Quantum articles on my links page to back up my claims.
    There is a What the Bleep to we know web site, and I highly recommend the web site of Dr.Quantum aka Dr Fred Allen Wolf if you really wish to know “The Truth”!

  5. *sigh* NO, jesus WASNT a philosopher. he DID NOT EXIST. period.
    it has alreayd been shown the jesus myth has bene round for centuries, all under different names (even “buddah”!!!)
    there is no documented evidence for jesus, EXCEPT THE BIBLE. which we KNOW was written AFTER HIS death, and REWRITTEN three times (making up the four books of the new testament).
    its plainly obvious he never existed. lets put this all to rest once and for all.

  6. I don’t know, it’s a pretty pervasive meme to be just a myth. I think there must have been someone because didn’t the different books get written by seperate people who didn’t know each other? I watched an interesting documentary called ‘Who wrote the bible’ and it was pretty critical about the infaliability of the book, but it didn’t seem to question the existence of Jesus himself. I suppose it could be possible for a complete mythos to be created out of thin air, but it would take a very coordinated effort and very far in the future thinking for it to take off. And think about it, what would the point be? If you’re in that period of time, what possible gain could you get personally talking about someone else as a supreme power? Wouldn’t someone who was out to manipulate the guilible masses instead pass themself off as someone divine in nature?

  7. On the scale of a ‘biblical’ epic, battle lines are being drawn on the web for a confrontation so contentious, any clash of civilizations will have to wait its turn. On one side, all the gravitas two thousands years of religious tradition can bring to bear, against a single manuscript by an unknown author titled: The Final Freedoms.
    The first wholly new interpretation for 2000 years of the moral teachings of Jesus the Christ, entitled The Final Freedoms, focuses specifically and comprehensively on marriage and human sexuality, challenging natural law theory and theology. At stake are several thousand years of religious tradition and history.
    What at first appears an utterly preposterous challenge to the religious status quo rewards those who persevere in closer examination, for it carries within its pages an idea both subtle and sublime, what the combined intellectual histories of religion and science have either ignored or dismissed as impossible. An error of presumption which could now leave tradition staring into the abyss and humble the heights of scientific speculation. For if this material is confirmed, and there appears to be both the means and a concerted effort to authenticate it, the greatest unresolved questions of human existence may finally have been untangled.
    Published only on the web and distributed freely as a pdf download, made up of twenty nine chapters and three hundred and seventy pages, this new teaching has nothing whatsoever to do with any existing religious conception known to history. It is unique in every respect.
    Using a synthesis of hundreds of scriptural elements from the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha , The Dead Sea Scrolls,The Nag Hammadi Library, and some of the worlds greatest poetry, it describes and teaches a single moral LAW, a single moral principle and offers its own proof; one in which the reality of God responds to an act of perfect faith with a direct, individual intervention into the natural world; making a correction to human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness, human ethical perception, and providing new, primary insight and understanding of the human condition.
    Also called the Gospel of the Resurrection, this new interpretation reveals the moral foundation of all human thought and conduct and finds expression within a new covenant of human spiritual union, the marriage [Hieros gamos] between one man and one woman. It resolves the most intractable questions and issues of human sexuality and offers possibilities for peace, health, healing and cultural development political process has yet to dream of.
    This new teaching is pure ethics. It requires no institutional framework, no churches, no priest craft, no scholastic theological rational, costs nothing and ‘worship’ requires only conviction, faith and the necessary measure of self discipline to accomplish a new moral imperative.
    As the first ever religious teaching able to demonstrate its own efficacy, the first ever religious claim to knowledge that meets both the ideal and criteria of the most rigourous, testable scientific method, this teaching enters the public domain as a reality entirely new to human history.
    Download links:

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