On the Tate (Modern) and Flat Parties

Today was one of random encounters and free particles. I went to the Tate art museum in the afternoon – enjoying the wide assortment of modern art that I had never really appreciated before. At one point there was a balcony on which I tried to take a complete landscape photo of southern london, however my program was not up for the task of stitching it together. I enjoyed a traditional english Kebab on the roof of Howie’s flat, where we encountered some gents from the other set of flats who share the roof. Many drinks and interesting conversations later, we stumbled to a flat party that was at least five, distinct, cultural zones from home base. It’s a bit of an eye opener for me, a simple Canadian from Winnipeg, but it’s incredibly enjoyable. The flat party was kicking, the booze flowed freely, the night ultimately fulfilling. Tomorrow the traditional London clubbing experience. Hopefully I’ll find time to update tomorrow, however I cannot guarantee the state in which I’ll be writing. Who knows what batshit crazy stuff will spew.

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