Prague so far

What’s frustating for me is the fact that I haven’t been able to find any place to connect my laptop to the internet. I’ve been writing, but none of it has made it’s way to my website as of yet. I guess when I do find that holy grail that is free WIFI, I’ll have to upload them all at once.

Right now, I’m sitting on a balcony in a nice, out of the way hostel (Sir Toby’s) in Prague. The people are pretty chilled; it’s definately not a party hostel. I’m enjoying myself though, it’s been almost five years since I last backpacked, and the easy, no preconception mentality of backpacking is something that I’ve missed. Where else can you walk up to a group of strangers and go on a drinking adventure then at a hostel. What it really comes down to is that when you put a bunch of people together from a variety of countries, there’s no barriers to forming single serving friendships.
I’m looking forward to exploring Prague, if not for it’s culture and history, then for it’s extrordinarily cheap drink prices. When a pint of beer costs you one canadian dollar, and you’re a fanatical beer drinker like me, you know you’ve found your mecca. Well, to be honest, I think that Romania will be my own personal mecca, but this is definately going to be a good introduction to the eastern european culture.
It’s quarter to four. I arrived this morning at 8 am on a night train from frankfurt. I, of course, got no sleep on the train, so I slept from 11am to 6pm. I’m a bit worried that I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, so I’m going to take a sleeping pill to help things along. If I don’t wake up, then I probably should have heeded the warning about taking sleeping pills and drinking.
***** Addendum *****
I have since found a free WIFI place (above Roxy’s nightclub at Dlouha 33), which I will most definately be coming to in the future. Yay for free internet. I had to put up 3 posts at once, so check them out, along with the photos!

One thought on “Prague so far”

  1. Yo Winnipeg.
    It’s those two classy birds from Nottingham. We miss the Sir Toby’s crew, and Prague was definitely brilliant. That’s mainly to do with all the wicked people we met there. So here’s to the slut cat and to our drunken nights out. Oh yea, and to your pimp hat. Take care Andrew and I’ll email you my photos when I’m back at home.
    Sadie (Sherrif/ G-Unit) and Sal.

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