Down and out in the spiritual limbo

I guess in the scheme of things, I was destined to find a place like this. It’s what’s known as a ‘character’ building, one that is old and unkempt but elegant. On my second night, there’s a pulse beating below me, and my office chair tends to roll towards the centre of the living room, but overall, I’m happy. This is where I want to be; the heart and soul of what little night life Winnipeg has to offer. It’s a strange adjustment – going from the suburbia to this, but as ever, I’m an adaptive personality. I just wish my chair would stop rolling downards.
For some reason, I lost the will to write over the last year. Maybe it was WoW. Maybe it was my infatuations. Whatever it was, the creative well has surged and I want to express myself again. It’s an odd sensation – for so long lethargy has dominated me. I’ve been so busy with this, that and whatever that I felt there was no reason to pay attention to this blog. I felt guilty over the months, but not guilty enough to provide any kind of insight.
A large part of the problem is I find myself constantly in these pseudo relationships where I want to be more than just friends, but can’t quite breach the boundary. It’s depressing. Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn’t want to read another blog where the author went all emo, but I can’t help it – I truly feel that a huge part of me has gone missing because I haven’t experienced ‘true love’. At this rate, that’s not going to happen but I persevere. Maybe I should stop falling in love with long time friends. Maybe I should find someone new, but I can’t shake the idea of someone that I’ve known and love, or think I love. I guess that’s where the confusions lies.
Enough of that bullshit.
If I had to name a hero of mine beside Hunter S. Thompson, I would name Richard Dawkins. Most of the time athiests are very concilatory – they allow religious folk to ‘worship’ as they want without any interuption. They allow for the idea of someone else believing in fairy tails so as not to upset the delicate balance that is personal salvation. My hero, Richard Dawkins, has had enough of this hand holding. Here’s a guy who’s basically laid it on the line, his perfect intolerance to religious tolerance, and without apology has defended every attack and debate. You cannot win a debate arguing for divine intervention. Logically, you’re going to lose. I admire to such a great degree someone who has had enough with the bullshit that it makes me feel like I should say something.
Today, I had a wonderful debate with a co-worker who is a knowledgeble person but doesn’t buy evolution. At the end of the day, he has a belief in some kind of higher power that it’s hard to sway him. He presented to me a solid argument. He asked: If, a million years now, humanity as far progressed as it should be, an individual created a kind of advanced intellectual ant farm, would they not be some form of God to the lifeforms he created? This stumped me – it’s as good an argument as any I’ve encountered. Think of it – if we become so far advanced that our powers of genetic manipulation allows us to create intelligence, or even a world that was previously unknown, would that make us God? Is that an argument for God?
I argued that was a kind of fallacy – an argument as whimsical as the one saying that there is a toaster orbitting between earth and mars, and please disproove it. But it’s shaky. It doesn’t nullify his argument. It only proposes that his scenario was too far advanced to know any kind of definitive answer. Is that an answer? I don’t think it is, anymore than his argument was proof positive for that of a divine salvation, but it still got me thinking. I’ve never had an argument with a person who believed in the statistics, figures and logic of science (for the creation of our world) but still doubted the validity of evolution. It was a bit of a mindfuck.

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  1. I took the red pill a long time ago, but the rabbit hole, it just doesn’t seem to end. There’s nothing to hold on to, no ground to ground yourself. I fear that I’m teetering on the brink.

  2. The paraphrase of your friends argument confuses me. The argument, as I’ve read it:
    If it were possible for man to create a conscious creature, and this creature thought of us as god, this proves that a god created us.
    This analogy is subtly imbalanced. Notice the phrase “if it were possible” only appears in the first half of the inference. Let’s rebalance to remove the cognitive bias:
    If it were possible for man to create a conscious creature, and this creature thought of us as god, then it is possible a god created us.
    And if we’re dealing with the Abrahamic God here: <sarcasm>How strange… an omniscient god capable of doing anything man can do.</sarcasm>
    It is also important to note the fallacy of using analogy as proof.
    The trouble of analogy as proof is that analogies presuppose the outcome in what is being compared. Analogies are circular, as such they cannot advance an argument towards proof. Although they are amazing tools to illuminate through comparison, it isn’t hard to think of analogies which, although helpful, are false.
    For example:
    * Bohr’s model of the atom with the solar system as analogy.
    * the internet is A SERIES OF TUBES!

  3. Quote: [“I took the red pill a long time ago, but the rabbit hole, it just doesn’t seem to end. There’s nothing to hold on to, no ground to ground yourself. I fear that I’m teetering on the brink.”]
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  4. Hold On…
    If you want to find God, you can’t listen to other people. He already knows you and He wants more than anything for you to MEET Him and KNOW Him.
    I love the title of the blog. INFORMATION POLLUTION, and that’s so true. People who do not KNOW HIM, but pretend to. They talk the talk but they have never meet HIM either. Then there are the people who let human logic blind them and prevent them for meeting Him and Knowing Him.
    Information Pollution is only part of the problem. Add to this NOISE POLLUTION. Our world is full of it.
    In order to obtain spiritual eyes and hears, one must first look and listen. God and His angels are all around us. Most don’t take the time to notice. Human logic and reasoning is our worst enemy and is the stumbling block that keeps them trapped in this realm of the universe. THERE’S MORE!!!
    ONCE you experience the supernatural you will have something to HOLD ON to. But how do you do that? You seek Him with all your heart and SOUL.
    Spiritual eyes and hears have to be openned. It takes concious work to develop your God given senses.
    That means first you must bleive His is there. Remove all doubt. You must speak to Him and ask Him to speak to you. You must tell Him you want to meet Him and know Him. You must pay attention to your surroundings and circumstances and ask Him to reveal the divine interaction that most don’t see.
    To develop a personal relationship you have to spend time with the person. It’s know different with our creator. The more time you spend speaking to Him and listening for that “small still voice” the more you will begin to OPEN UP.
    Everything has a purpose!!!
    SILENCE – Spend quite time every day. Learn to quite your mind and listen with your soul.
    SEEING – Exspect to see the divine. Looking with your spiritual eyes. Ask Him to show you what most people miss or what most people write off as a coinsidence. There is no such thing as a “coinsidence”. EVERYTHING HAS FOR A PURPOSE!!!
    JOURNAL – KEY write down your prayers, feelings, thoughts, memories, and expereinces each day. You will begin to see a pattern and realize that God is at work in your life. He uses ALL THINGS!!! He speaks to us through other people, nature and our circumstances as well as through our thoughts and minds “small still voice.”
    Most are too busy to notice or to hear what happening around them. It takes effort and it takes passion. You get exactly what you put into it. And it takes practice to retrain yourself…to become open like a little child. To unlearn the human logic and discover the spiritual bliss.
    Doubt and Fear is not from God. As you start to become open TRUST Him and know that He alone will protect you. Satan is real and he will try and frighten and confuse you. That’s his job in the spiritual world and he good at it. Just remember God allowed him to test Job, through testing we grow.
    It’s not and easy journey. Rediscovering who he created you to be and why takes courage and work. Don’t let anyone fool you.
    Expereincing the supernatural is not limmited to experiencing all good things. To see one you will have to see the other. Be prepared for that is can be scary at times. Always trust Him – test the spirit!!! God never leads us down rabbit trails! He does not confuse us. He loves us and comforts us if you trust Him to do that.

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