Addendum to Wonder

If one is finding it hard to find wonder in the world, I direct your attention to the heavenly skies above. One of the reasons I find it so hard to quit smoking is that I love the moments where it’s just me, my smoke and the clear empty sky above me. If you really try and take in the nightscape and realize that every single one of those points of light up there are either a star hundreds of light years away or a galaxy billions of light years away then it is a most humbling, wonderful experience. It’s important to get out of the city and the light pollution that exists therein – most of us city dwellers forget about the stars above – but they’re there, and they are wonderful.

8 thoughts on “Addendum to Wonder”

  1. Hmm…I have sometimes in the middle of the night or very early in the morning just go outside on the deck and just stare in the sky….

  2. It’s an incredibly humbling experience – There’s so much out there that we’ll never know, that we can only sit back and watch and hope to gain a little insight.

  3. ME too Davis! Woah, we all are so alike… it’s wierd.
    I really like when there are low, dark grey clouds gathering (right before a storm), and they are moving quickly against the night sky… it reminds me of the sky from Quake…. it’s so mysterious, it feels like someone put the clouds on fast forward, heh heh heh. Man, thunderstorms are truely one of natures most remarkable happenings.
    One more thng you should try, if you like to be humbled by our emense surroundings:
    Go to a beach in the summer, and about 5:00, everyone seems to leave the water. About 6:00 it’s all deserted. Go far out into the water, float on your back, look up to the sky, with your ears in the water. It’s amazing. It’s all quiet, and all you see is the light blue sky, with nice fluffy clouds. The water is somewhat cold, so you start getting a little numb. Because you can’t feel or hear, All of a sudden it feels like you are not even part of the world. You are all alone. It’s quite a refreshing release.
    …but it really sucks when somebody comes to see if you are still awake, and not just a floating dead body. The serenity is broken so quickly, one can get a heart attack.
    -Bubu 8)

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