Short and Sweet

This one’s gonna be short and sweet. I suggest you head on over to Stungeye if you’re interested in a collective conciousness link round up. Once again my desire to jack into a computer to download knowledge is making me lust for the future. If only there was more time! If only there was less work! I’m a read-a-holic by the way, I can’t stop reading. I think I’m going to go on vacation to Ottawa in November just so that I can get away and read.
Anyways, a mate from Australia sent me some good advice – I suggest you all listen and take notes! Be wary of the tequila, they’re always bad news.

11 thoughts on “Short and Sweet”

  1. I think I should create a 12 step program for read-a-holics, maybe that way I could get a full 4 hour work day out of you….

  2. I like short and sweet.
    I hate reading. …but I like reading on paper, more than a computer screen. I wish I had someone who could read it all to me. I like hearing more than reading….but I have never listened to your mp3s, as I think it would be really wierd. I used to type some documents from a pre-recorded dictation. It was wierd, cause the guy was talking to me, but wasn’t really acknowledging me. <– Do I sound like a girl or what? lol… okay, that was just a stereo type. Guys can feel unacknowledged, right?
    -Bubu 8)

  3. If you want to listen to one of the mp3s, I suggest listening to chapter 11 in the section. That’s me and my buddy shooting the shit – it’s pretty good. The other ones – well most of them are hard to hear, I think there’s some good shit there but I’ve had mixed reviews. Also, that sound advice thing – well that’s just damn funny. I think it’s one of the dudes from half baked.

  4. LoL,
    I started to listen to it (I think it was #10, or maybe 11)… you two were talking, on what sounded like the side of a street. I could hear the cars pass by. Brazil is really trying to make the country more state-run, or even city-run? Like, in Afganistan or something? Soon they’d have tribal war lords… lol.
    I only listened to it about half way… It was very long. I was listening to it while I was coding at school, then I was running out of time, so I had to concentrate on my work.
    Oh, and you say “about” so Canadian like, heh heh.

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