It seems to me that pretty much everyone in the blogosphere only ever talks about politics. Well, politics, J-Lo and rants about their personal lives. I’ve tried to steer clear of that here because a) I’m not an American citizen and that’s where most of the interesting politics are taking place and b) when it comes down to it the argument between Democrats and Republicans is pretty much the same as choosing between feces and dung – it’s all the same shit, just different piles. Democrats are just as wrapped up in the interests of business as the Republicans are. Although I would like to see George the Monkey removed, I have absolutely no say in the matter. That’s up to you lucky American citizens, you bloggers across the US. I have complete faith that they’ll make the right choice come 2004.
Now for something a little lighter: Found this joke on this Daily Connotations:
So, this neutron walks into a bar and asks for a drink. He downs it, then asks the bartender, “How much?”
“For you, no charge.”

HAHAHAHA! I’m such a nerd.

8 thoughts on “Politics”

  1. Well at least as far as influential politics are taking place, they’re the most interesting. We talked about brazil a little bit in our conversations, but the brazillians aren’t spending 44% of the world’s military budget.

  2. Well let’s face it, not everyone in the world knows that a neutron has no charge. Because the information is unique to a certain few, it becomes a ‘nerd’ joke. I’ve got no problems with that, have you?

  3. Exactly. Hey, I like your site but how come you don’t allow comments? That bit about philosophy was driving me nuts last night – I wanted to absorb it properly but I was much too tired / drunk / stoned… Ah what a good party.

  4. Because we at d-con believe that OUR personal opinions are the only ones that really matter . . .
    Just kidding! Actually, I unfortunately have a real life and haven’t got time to mess around a whole lot with extras on the blog. (It is very impressive that I’ve actually posted entries – long entries, that is – for two consecutive days.)
    Thanks for the input.. Maybe I just needed a well-placed kick in the. . .

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