Dark Spots

Hooo boy. My heart was going there for a moment, I was thinking finally – this is it, contact with aliens. JerkSquad!! directed me to this strange site which at first sounded like some kind of parrot for scientology – all about those damn lizards who ‘rule the world’. Not that I mind the message the site is preaching, but the method leaves something to be desired. I read a little more and saw that they were talking about some dark spot on Jupiter which is when my heart started to pick up the pace. Space.com had an interesting breakdown of the communication between astronomers as they tried (and still try) to puzzle out this mystery.
It seems that a

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4 thoughts on “Dark Spots”

  1. I really hope it is not simply the moon or it’s shaddow, but something else. Or maybe not. Although it would be cool to have some aliens near our planet, I would rather stay in “splendid isolation”. They would probably think we are crazy, looking at our 4,000 year history. Absolutely nuts.

  2. Yeah right away I was thinking ‘independence day’… Not so much in the violent sense but more in the size of the ships way. But probably there’s some real explanation. It all seems a little dodgy.. I think there may be a possibility that the original photograph was taken perhaps the last time the moon was in that position. I mean what else makes sense? It looks exactly the same, yet in three days they couldn’t possibly be in the same position, could it? I hope this mystery doesn’t just get shuffled out of the limelight – I really think it’s very bizarre.

  3. Time Travel.
    The answer must be time travel. Oh sorry knee jerk reaction.
    Not only is it going to be shuffled out of the limelight, next week, when Ben gets J-Lo a new diamond ring, it will forgotten about and ignored harder then that weird lazy eyed inbred cousin who drinks applesauce thru a straw that always shows up at family reunions even though no one ever really invites him.

  4. I really doubt it will just ‘disappear’… No there’s far too many wackjobs that will jump to the same (alien encounter) conclusions as me. I mean come on now, black objects appearing in the jovian atmosphere? Ooooooh, mysterious! Unexplainable phenomenon! It’s a conspiracy theorists wet dream!
    As for the time travel.. you know that I’m right. I haven’t figured it out yet but that’s all wrapped up in it somehow man, you know it. 😀

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