Well I got my first spam comment today. I guess I’m going to have to look into this mt black list thing I read about a while ago. In the meantime, I’ve pre-emptively removed the ability to post anonymous comments.. I didn’t really want to but ah well, that’s the shitty part about the internet. Seems to me the internet used to be a great place up until people started to use it as a medium to peddle their wares and ‘get rich quick’. I suppose it goes hand in hand with technology, but at the same time I miss the purity of the net before it became so commercialized.
Ok, I’m done with the bitching.

I’ve only a couple of things to talk about tonight. First of all this will be a short post as it’s late and despite having an extra hour I’ve wasted away the night. I had some good ideas at the beginning but they’ll just have to wait until later. Here’s a teaser: A MMORPG where character animation is a focus of the game play and user contributed scripts can modify the movement and articulation of their avatars to enact certain skills. I think one of the problems with these online games is that there doesn’t seem to be any real outlet for creativity. I read about a game out there that allowed the building of objects so maybe this idea isn’t really all that far fetched. It would be nice to incorporate some kind of complexity measurement in the animated incantation of a spell or the crafting of a weapon in order to determine it’s power or worth. But how can you measure complexity?
Of course, I’m not a game designer. I have nothing to contribute to the video game industry besides my general love as a rabid consumer.
So I remember about a year ago I kept hearing on the CBC radio about some literary awards for short stories from Canadian authors. I wanted to enter the contest last year but I never got around to it; this year I’m definately going to submit something and if I win I’m going to quit my job. Incentive! 🙂 Only problem is that the deadline’s in 3 weeks. Ah well, I always do my best work last minute.
Finally, I’ve made some more modifications to the forum. I’ve shuffled down some of the narcissism and added a new category: Ideas. I’ve got two categories right now – Good Ideas and Bad Ideas, and I’ve put in a few examples to start things off. I’d very much appreciate some comments of your own.

21 thoughts on “Creativity”

  1. Hey there Chef. Got your link from a comment on Oldcatman’s blog so I’m just checking you out. Interesting stuff. I have SUCH a problem with anonymous comments as well. Not so much because of spam, but because of TROLLS. Oh well, there is good and bad in the internet. Talk to you later.

  2. Oooohhh, so exciting….
    I am on the edge of my seat.
    Will Chef post the solution to Spam comments?
    Will the trolls quake in fear as they see their spammer brothers defeated?
    Will Chef get to see a naked woman or man before he dies with out having to pay them first?
    Will The Kitty ever find a better job that does not fill him with so much bitterness?
    Stay tuned, kiddies, ten to one none of these questions will ever be answered.

  3. 4) A life of pain awaits you.
    ??? I am already living a life of pain. The pain of working in a room where you feel free to expel any bodily gas you might have.
    as for the mom comment, that is 2 in a row, hippie, keep it up hippie. I rarely brag about knocken boots with your mom, so you just kool it.
    But in all seriousness, back to the spammers, glad to see that you spent all afternoon working on this spam issue and it is all for not. No wonder you do not get paid on time. Ass.

  4. I’ve already told you my theories about there being enough external pressures in the world that to have to keep the lid on stupid ‘socially incorrect’ internal pressures is total bunk. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it.
    As for your mom, well whenever you mention my current lack of a girlfriend all I can see is your darling mother – it’s a total mental association! Perhaps you should learn some restraint yourself.
    Finally, as for the spammer theories, they were just that, theories. I thought it was a good idea, in the end it turned into something that was going to be easy to circumvent, but what the hell, at least I’m thinking. Unlike some. Perhaps if my paycheque wasn’t, what, a week and a half late now I would be more inclined to do some actual work. Cause and effect, chicken and the egg. Think about that facist.

  5. Well, you sure did show me. You showed me up good. I am no match for your farting theories, excuses for being lazy and your creepy crush on my Mom. I admit defeat, you are the better man. Bravo Hippie, bravo.

  6. WHAT??!?!?!?!!
    What the hell is that???!!?!?!
    Now you have done it. That was the camel that has broken my straw back.
    “Indeed” who the hell posts that as a response, unless they are a mad, mad dirrty post whore?
    “ooohhh look at me, I am Chef, I have my own blog that I can post as many unless posts as I want cuz I am a post whore.”

  7. So it seems. I’m not the only one who has a blog around here. I’ve seen the start of some shitty looking blog somewhere around here, but there seems to be no worthwile content.. probably none will ever appear, but one can only hope.

  8. Ouch….
    I am sorry and I do intend to get it going, I just don’t have as much time to dedicate to sitting on my ass blogging in my parent’s basement.

  9. Right because your busy schedule of sitting on your couch watching TV and getting fatter really gets in the way… Or perhaps there’s nothing creative the kitty can contribute to the internet? I’d say that’s much more likely.
    Oooh, that was pretty low.. 😉 🙂 😀

  10. Getting fatter??
    Who was it today at 11:30 in the morning, “Hey Kitty we should order pizza?”
    “mmm I love pizza” and then proceeded to smear it all over his nipples?

  11. Mabye, but if that were the case you would be 100 pounds lighter, longer hair, high heals, a whip and a girl.
    Well, it is time to go home so i get the last word. And that is ass. As in “you sir are an ass.”

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