Hello, Ottawa

This will be a brief post – it’s almost 3am and I have a flight to catch tomorrow. I’ll be spending the week with my buddy sl8r and hopefully many others… We’ll see. The reason for the lateness? I started packing at 2:30am. What was I doing until 2:30am the night before I left? Writing my short story for the CBC literary awards. After much internal debate and close examination of the rules and regulations, I’ve decided that I cannot post it here as enRoute has the right of first publishing unfortunately…. So it will have to wait until some time after February. What with K5 having a fiction competition, this is a great disapointment to me… I’d really like you guys to read it. Unfortunately it cannot be. 😐
Anyways, I’ll be updating while I’m away with my adventures in the ‘most boring city in Canada’. Maybe it’s time to liven it up a bit. 😉

3 thoughts on “Hello, Ottawa”

  1. You know, you would think that for all the bitchen I do about Chef, i would enjoy him being away for a full week. However the office is too quiet, no frantic clicking of mouse and keyboard buttons, no random tree hugging rants, no one to yell obscenities at.
    By the by, why the hell are you in T.O., Chef? They kick you off the flight cuz you were making the female passengers feel uncomfortable?

  2. I had a three hour stopover which comprised of visiting the smoking area fishbowl, reading a universe simulation article and drinking coffee.
    I’m sorry about your boredom, kitty.. 😉 Did our glorious leader not make a presence?

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