If, for example, you were ever bored, you might be able to pass the time very pleasantly clicking around the picture of everything. I consider this to be a form of art, as the artist clearly has taken capturing a meme to the point obsessiveness; lingering around the point of insanity.
I am currently watching Human Nature. I highly recommend anyone to watch it – it’s one of those finger pokes at society that some people should take notice of.

6 thoughts on “Art”

  1. Picture of Everything is fascinating. I could look at that for hours. It’s clearly a work of art, and the artist is clearly lingering around the point of insanity, but what driven artist isn’t?

  2. checked out the review on this movie—–will have to watch for it on DISH TV…..don’t go to movies much…local movie house is OLD with those OLD wooden seats that play hell with every part of your body after sitting in one for 2 hours!

  3. If you guys haven’t seen his others, being john malkovich and adapation, I also highly recommend them.
    The question about Art, however, is that when will web netizens get any of the recognition they deserve? Or are hits to their site enough of a payment?

  4. Are you talking about a market for internet art? I think if it works with pornography, it could easily work with the visual arts for those who are so inclined. It certainly works for music. The disadvantages would obviously be the limit to two dimensions, even if an “e-sculpture” were modeled in 3D, but with the increasing resolution of monitors, what’s really the difference between a canvas and a screen other than that the screen can show anything at the push of a button? I like the idea.

  5. But you just have to figure out a way to uniquely sign every piece as belonging to a certain artist. Recognition for creative works should be at the foundation of any creative class.

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