I love music. Maybe not as much as Wally, but at the same time I do appreciate music and what it does to people. I’ve never contributed to the musical world ever though, having absolutely no technical talent, however on Saturday Wally and I set ourself a goal of making a song in an hour, which we did. Sure it took another hour to clean it up and add a little snaz, but I’m very impressed with the results. Although Wally did most of the work I really felt that it was a collaborative process and we together produced this musical ‘sketch’.
Check it: wally_glutton_and_chef_quix-4.mp3
I like it, but then that may be narcissism.

3 thoughts on “Music”

  1. “He slowly (1.7 mb on a dial up) walked into the smoke filled bar that was hidden away in some darkened corner of the city, he was looking for whatever……there was a small instrumental group playing….a piece he had never heard before…..someone said it was “Chef’s
    Interlude”………his eye caught a Pamela type chick and in 5 minutes they left together; but
    that melody kept playing in the back of his mind…………CUT! It’s a wrap!”
    That’s damn good! And it was the first test of using my QuickTime on my new Emac…..dial up is a pain in the ass but it worked fine! First of anything in my QuickTime files!

  2. Well it was mostly Wally.. he’s the musical guru. I mainly helped with the composition – just 7 loops of tracks at 100 beats per minute mixed together… Very easy to do. 🙂

  3. God bless fruityloops.
    leaving las vegas meets star wars cantina band meets nicolas cage drunk off his ass with a lightsaber and elizabeth shue and red light means you stop. i go.
    that movie really really depressed me.

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