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Everybodies favorite search engine Google will be releasing a new tool soon: Google Print. I happened upon it while checking out Bloogz, which seems to be driving a lot of traffic to my site. Either that or it’s a really crappy program that keeps showing up in my referral logs. Anyways what’s interesting about this google print is that it’s basically the same service Amazon was offering earlier but has seemingly since taken down – the ability to search for text within books. So while amazon has launched a product search in competition with Google’s Froogle, Google has shot right back with a venture into the online book selling market. Very interesting. I wonder how long it will take before Amazon removes google’s quick search from their site and all out war is declared. Enter in the third contender Microsoft and you’ve got a real battle royale brewing. I suppose in our capitalist society we, the consumers benefit from this competition, but I have a feeling that before this ‘battle for control of the internet’ is over many, many innocents will have perished in the slaughter. There can be only one! 🙂

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