Strange Journeys through cyberspace

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Found a nest of conservatives via oldcatman who are typical in so many ways. When you refuse to question your value system then you become too rigid – eventually you’ll shatter. Wally often tells me to not bother, that there’s nothing you can do to change their value choices but I’m an eternal optimist in this matter – I believe that each and everyone of us is able to make decisions and evaluate themselves in a constructive manner. A lot of the time I’m proven wrong but still I believe.
Oil as a bribe? A very controversial topic. I will add my link to the meme pool. Let me but ask this one question – are we a hundred percent sure that this document is authentic? Doesn’t it seem a little ‘too’ damning? It’s a possibility that must be examined and by independent investigators. Nothing muddies the water of truth more than partisan investigations. How can you ever be sure?
While researching a rebuttal I came across this informative summary of horrific Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It must be strange living in those cities now where the only thing people know is you came from an area where evil took place. Further exploration led to this sobering insight into the ‘truth’ a government presents to us. My buddy Slater always told me learn to question, question to learn. Maybe this could be an eye opener to the actions of current administrations.
The perceptionalism discussion continues with some interesting comments. I’m a whore, what can I say.
Finally, after doing some navel gazing of my own I came across my first entry. It’s worth a read although it does meander from topic to topic and is also quite long. I read it again and enjoyed it, but mostly I enjoyed the comments. Ah I love the comments!

7 thoughts on “Strange Journeys through cyberspace”

  1. I love it! This “little debate” I’ve started has been one of my blogging goals…..I actually go “trolling” for this people.
    The tail gate of my truck has a dozen or so anti Bush
    stickers (along with a John Edwards sticker in my rear window–been there for 6-8 months)….it turns heads and I
    get glares…no comments yet..may be because of my physical persona…..thanks to you & Gurl (so far) for getting “involved”……….

  2. You two are pathetic. When you two get through jerking each other off and congratulating yourselves on starting a flame war for nothing more than a chance to inflate yoru pathetic little egos, please come visit again. There is no need to rush in, pour out some drivel and run away when you hear a clear rebuttal in modern English. “Involved” my ass. It seems more like a self-conceit cult to me. Get a clue. —- and delete this comment if you wish. Isn’t that how you free-speech perverts work – free speech for yourselves and everyone else better shut up?

  3. Chef, why should I be rational when you are obviously not? Case in point: your recent comments on my blog site bear no resemblance to reality and you have yet to present a clear rational case for the majority of your positions. Do you really call “trolling for these people” a pure raison d’etre? All I can see is that you and oldcatman have pinned a label on me based on a perception and have heartily proceeded to attack me with unfounded arguments and irrational logic. If the finer points of your argments (ad hominem) are “not worth arguing” then what is? Pray enlighten me as to exactly what you consider worthy dialogue. I’ll be back.

  4. Wow, yes!!! Some one on this blog being an unnecessary ass even more then I am. I would almost like you if you did not try to use big words like the big boys. But who cares if Chef and oldcatman want to start a circle jerk while patting each other on the back. I might not always agree with them but challenging Chef to delete your post shows that you done know Chef or what he stands for. Bloging is all about stroking your own ego. The fact you have a blog shows you think that your thoughts are so worthwhile that others should read them. I would go on, pot, but you have a call on line one from kettle.

  5. Allan, it’s a perception based on the tone and bias of your entries. I admit my own bias, do you admit yours? As for Ad hominem:
    Read this and maybe you’ll understand.
    Zen loving pot smoking hippy comments are classic ad hominem.

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