Contributing to the Meme-stream

You vote on it’s quality with a link. Incubus’s Megalomaniac has been getting a lot of air time on the radio up here in Canada. You gotta love the fact that these guys have vocalized what so many of us our feeling. It’s strange but it really feels like this upcoming election in November is one of those critical moments in history – where the fate of a country and the world rests in the vote of every American. So go out there and vote! Spread the word! If there should ever be an election with a high turnout it should be this one.
Politics, politics, politics. This is definately going to be the year of internet political debates. Well, at least we’re not talking about people. It gets hard to only come up with ideas all the time…

6 thoughts on “Contributing to the Meme-stream”

  1. Yep Megalomaniac is the first single from Incubus’ newest CD, A Crow Left of the Murder, so new in fact that it just got released today.

  2. I picked it up last night, and it’s a fantastic album. Incubus has been a favorite of mine since their beginnings, and this album goes so far above and beyond anything they’ve ever done before. Please pick it up. It’s worth it.

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