A question for the men

Ladies (ya right – like any girls come here!), please disregard this post as the question I am about to ask does not pertain to you. Well, in some ways it does but it’s like the question of abortion – that’s always a womans choice (in my mind). This however is a man’s choice.
So I got a piece of spam today (one of maybe 100 I get at work) that made me wonder about the lengths that men go to in order to, *ahem*, enlarge their members. So I pose this question: Would you put your dick in this?

3 thoughts on “A question for the men”

  1. Umm… no, my minimum requirements include, living, breathing, the possesion of two X chromosomes and an expressed desire for me to do so.
    Beyond that its on a case by case basis.

  2. Holy SHIT !! No way I’d put my dick in there. Are those some kind of pneumatic pistons on the sides? with a lasso noose for the “head” up front?
    Looks like it would rip your dick off.
    I’ll stick with my current practice of putting my dick only in things that are warm, wet, and pink.

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