It’s hard to describe living here. It seems to me that there are so many pluses and so many negatives. You have the bitter cold, and let me tell you it does get bitter. A week ago it felt so cold that I began to wonder if the Sun hadn’t been just snuffed out, and the chill I felt was the slow emptyness of space about to consume us. It gets cold. I’m finding though that I don’t mind it as much as I used to, even though practically speaking I spend more time outside in the winter then I normally would because of the smoking ban. I guess all it does for me is intensify sensation and provide a stark contrast against our realities of room temperature. Yes it can get this cold but soon enough it will be warm again. The sweet isn’t as sweet without the bitter.

Tonight I went out with the boys, Wally and Bruce; we listened to some Winnipeg hip-hop, relaxed, smoked a bit of pot and talked about complexity, consciousness and the evolution of the world. See, this is what I do, and what I love about my life sometimes. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to explore new thoughts because of high quality parenting and a high quality social system. So many people have really, shitty, lives. I can not ever say that mine has ever been really shitty. The fact that I can pass an evening listening to some dope lyrics while contemplating the nature of the universe with best friends is a testament to the living and learning conditions that brought me here. I love my life, I just wish I could share it with the world.
Winnipeg has been a fundamental social structure in my evolution as a being. There’s something to be said for a cheap arctic town which everyone forgets about. It allows creativity to spawn, to grow in a petri dish free of global perception. Although I’m not the biggest fan of hip hop (I honestly cannot understand the lyrics unless they’re really, really good – I keep focusing on the rappers ability to use his words as a beat and it distracts me from the message) – I still appreciate the fact that the Winnipeg Hip-hop scene is thriving here. Hip hop is a fascinating topic, much like all music can be. An expression of the moment tempered through the use of lyrical rhyme. “It’s like an expression of rage by people who feel neglected and turned away by the system.” That’s what true hip hop does, it digs deep into the collective conscious perception of a group of people and brings it to the attention. Focuses the window. Spotlights on, mic ready, this moment is dedicated to this meme. It’s all about memes.
Some meta news – I’m starting a company with my family. I was thinking HyperCompuGlobalMegamart, but that’s pretty long to fit on a pen. I’m looking for a name (it’s been left up to my discretion) but I’m having trouble coming up with a good one. It’s a very nebulous idea at this stage; very internet orientated. I can’t decide what medium or method it will produce, but I know that it will ultimately have to do with memes, so I’d like to have the world meme or some deriivative in there. If anybody has any suggestions, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you guys think.

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