Goodbye Grey

Bye bye grey blog. It was nice for a change but now it’s back to green. I’d say that the protest was overall a smashing success, however the fallout has yet to be fully digested. We’ll see if anything positive or negative comes out of this demonstration.
In other news, check out this ‘deer in headlights video’ of the commander in chief of the U.S. of A. answering straightforward questions with his usual grace and style. Notice his eyes, his stance, his general defensive posture. Very enlightening.
Finally a bit of meta news – Wally has finished remastering the last of our audio conversations. We start off talking about Waking Life and meander through many subjects from google to a bottle of whiteout. This was recorded sometime in October of 2003 I believe, although I could be wrong. It’s not a bad one, but we do come off as pompous pricks so be warned.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Grey”

  1. If the only thing you can trust is your perception, then it is best to believe in yourself to the fullest. Otherwise the trust isn’t there, and the perception becomes wishy-washy.
    I know as much as I know. (I must trust this knowledge.)
    I attempt to refine what I know. (I must accept these refinements.)
    The refined knowledge is only as good as the company I keep.

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