New Technologies

This idea is only going to get better and better with time: Radio Vox Populi. Really, the only way to explain it is to just check it out. It’s a little rough around the edges but like I said, it’ll just get better.

21 thoughts on “New Technologies”

  1. Oh lord, I need some toothpicks to hold open my eyes, had I not gouged them out due to boredom. Now you don’t have to simply read a bunch of crap you can hear it as well. It is like the ultimate upgrade in laziness. Thank God this piece of technology came along, we as humanity has finally completed our purposes on earth. Making a computer speak blogs. Wow what a great time to be alive.

  2. Yep, great time to be alive. I enjoy every minute of living here in this office with you and your opposition to a thing called soap. My endless bliss called life.

  3. Well enjoy washing the blood off your pristine hands you facist bastard. People like you are the reason this world is getting so fucking depressed. Maybe if you didn’t constantly come to work dressed as if you’re about to attend a fucking funeral you might have a more cheerful disposition. Pull your fat bald head out of your fat bald ass and smile you useless bitch.

  4. Well I do retract the whole “Chef does not bath” attitude I give off. In reality, he does shower once a day, and yes he does use soap, so really it is his resistance to toothpaste that gets to me.
    And I do smile. Every time you get into work on time. For all of you keeping score at home, that is 1 smile a week.

  5. That is a bald assed lie. I’ve had two bad days this week but you know that in general I’m terribly prompt. Please stop making up lies to ‘proove’ your point. It’s very childish.

  6. I am sorry; you do have a stellar record of being on time. That one week a while back you were on time all five days. In a row, none the less. Sides with no absolute truth, how can there be lies?

  7. Ah, let me explain to you something about thekitty. As my coworker and constant companion for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with it really being just the two of us, well, we can get on each other’s nerves every once in a while. It’s been a miracle that a new age / spiritual hippy like myself can get along so famously with a religious fundamentalist / facist like thekitty for most of the time. He and I participate in these ‘fights’ purely as release, and let me rest assure you that we are both in fits of laughter with each post.
    Thanks for the compliments and keep reading and posting! This mind doesn’t shut off, no matter how hard I try!
    (And before thekitty can respond thats 8 hours a day 5 days a week in theory.)

  8. Yeah yeah, in theory… It is true his mind never shuts off. After all the wild stuff the two of have seen, we are like old army buddies or the 2 old guys from that movie called Grumpy old men or something. As for Andres, I am only half as ignorant as i come off. That and I can make one hell of a mean Apple pie from scratch.
    By the by when is that 21 grams movie coming out on dvd.

  9. Hell, after that “exchange”, I forgot the purpose of coming here so early! Well, at least now I know who The Kitty is! We must realize that ‘kitties’ have an advantage over us humans, as they
    can bathe anytime and anywhere they want…and all they need is their tongue! Meow.

  10. Aw…that was it! You asked the question about this year’s election being the most important
    ever? I will not begin to assume that if Dubya were to win again that he’d would finally
    bankrupt the country, get us in another war or 2 (once a war president always a war president).
    unemployment will get so bad that HE will reintroduce slavery so that the rich Gopissers
    will get free labor, the environment will be destroyed, a WALL (ie: Berlin) will be constructed
    on our northern border—–a Bush relection? What a movie that would make! Soyent Green II!
    And blogs with in the blogger reading hbis blog instead of putting it in text? When I got my Emac and was playing aroound with music on my blog posts, I also dabbled in with my
    “voice”….great concept!

  11. Holy fuck.
    I leave for a month and a half and this is what I come back to.
    First things first:
    HI! how is everyone? Good, I hope. I really haven’t taken the time to backtrack through all the subject matter of the last couple months (although I did give it a cursory glance). I did however learn a few things-
    A: TheKitty is a guy. This kindof distresses me. I thought he(she) was a really hot goth chick like the chick from Evanessence in the video where it’s a ballad and she’s wearing all white. It should be noted that every other picture/video/song I’ve seen/heard/imagined her in she looks and sounds like a complete fucking idiot. But not you Kitty- you’re cool.
    B: I like green. This site looks badass on my new NEC Multisync LCD 1765 that I paid a fucking fortune for. Also, I bought a Radeon 9800XT and if you play videogames then you now know that I rock EVEN HARDER.
    C: Humanity, you sick motherfucker.
    Reading over what I just wrote I feel like I sound like Tommy Lee from Motley Crue. Ever read an interview with that guy? He says ‘motherfucker’ ALOT. I say ‘motherfucker’ alot too but I’m a little more educated than him so it should sound like ‘mother-fuck-herre’. Say it outloud and you’ll know where I’m coming from, dude. Please note that I am not gay. Or foreign. Now say it.
    OK, that’s really all I have right now. I love you all,

  12. a) It’s almost creepy as thekitty drools over evanessence, only wears black, however he is terribly uncool.
    b) I like green too, but there is a secret in this green. Math is good. Also, I must kill you and steal your video card. That piece of hardware is included in my proposed gaming demi-god, and yet now as the doubts of the stability of my current job cloud my thoughts, I will put off this purchase.. for now.
    c) Yeah, humanity, what are you gonna do.
    I have temporarily turned off the tap to my brain. I may return, I may not. I probably will later tonight. Thus the weak will of the Chef exposes itself once again.

  13. a) Damn rights I drool over Amy Lee of Evanescence, well I did until she got that pesky restraining order. Something about not liking being damp with drooll form a stranger or something… Welcome back christopher, kick ass video card and all. Chef we both know that I am too cool for school and too legit to quit.
    b) I did like the gray color there for a nice change. Green reminds me too much of hippies.
    c) Yep humanity really is a bitch at times.
    And now for no real reason, a plug for some decent Canadian-made TV. Rick Mercer’s Monday Report. 8 central on CBC. Funny guy, that Rick Mercer.

  14. Yeah, welcome to the rise of the CBC. Monday Report with Rick Mercer followed by Newsroom is my viewing schedule. Throw in that Corner Gas and you’ve got some decent CBC programming for a change.

  15. Dude, I hate to point out errors on your site, but Corner Gas is on CTV, not CBC. Though it is nice to see something good on CBC other then crap and hockey or the combination of the two.

  16. Good point. My bad. It is nice to see quality Canadian programming, especially comedies. I tell ya Newsroom and Corner Gas are great for one reason – no laugh track.

  17. Ho…hum…..this ‘tit for tat’ reminds me of old Smother’s Brothers routines (If you are old enough)! I may have to borrow Kitty’s tooth picks! Maybe I should make an anonymous
    to the Mounties in case you two really get out of control!

  18. Yeah, I have a dim recollection of watching the Somthers Brothers…
    Apologies for people waiting for a new post – I’m currently collecting my thoughts.
    *grabs at shadows and flying bugs*

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