RFC 2012

Well I’ve delayed and procrastinated, two of my best skills. I wield these tools with the razor accuracy of a sushi chef, I wittle away time and put off my internal deadlines with impressive accuracy. I wanted to do a big post about any one of numerous topics but I couldn’t settle on a particular thread, so I come to you, my faithful readers with my hat in my hand and ask this simple question:
What do you want to read here?
I’ve enjoyed talking about a wide variety of topics over the last six months, but is there any particular topic or subject that you guys have really appreciated, that you would like to see more of? Now’s your chance, this is a request for comments. I want feedback, negative or positive, a little progress report if you will. Do you want me to talk more about my philosophy, or dip into a more spiritual realm? (Eventually those two seem to merge…) Do you want me to talk about the environment and the damage we’re doing to it? Do you want me to add my voice to the political pundits and give my perception of the current events? Do you want me to throw out a few new ideas? (I’ve still got a few!) Future societies, possibly technologies? Thoughts on evolution and our eventual destiny? Predictions of doom and end-of-times? What do you guys want to read, because at the end of the day I am but your humble servant and I always have something to talk about. I guess I need a bit of direction, right now I seem to be blowing all over the place.
Let me know, and tell a friend! Hah, I am the biggest blog whore out there.

6 thoughts on “RFC 2012”

  1. write what you want to write!!!!!!! Personally, the “music” blogs don’t interest me because ‘music’ in general I don’t like/listen, etc. (in 64 years, I bought my first CD last month…Harry Chapin but have yet to play all of it)……go back thru your archives and check out the blogs that brought you the most commenting interplay….with or without THE KITTY! It is these subjects that I like…..Writing on politics: well, you know where I went with that…got tired of one sided vicious
    attacks from the Left & the Right..it is/was the same crap all the time–oh, I still want Bush the hell out of office but I am enjoying poking satirical fun at all of them!

  2. Write about Fanon! Just joking 😉
    I sense that you have a knack for scientific and technological futurism. You wanted to discuss Neuromancer with me, for one – why not talk about it here?

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