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There’s not much that can be said of Winnipeg that’s different from the rest of the world. Personally, I feel that Winnipeg spends most of it’s time absorbing other traditions fom cities and countries afar. There are though a few activities which remain unique to Winnnipegers. For example, do any of you attend socials of families to be? This is what I have been doing the last two nights: participating in a uniquely Winnipegan activity – the wedding social.
The wedding social is generally thrown by the groom and bride with heavy participation from the parental units. Entry is usually $10 and drink prices are below the bar average. Friends and family of the bride and groom are the ‘core’ invitees, however the ‘inner sect’ is encouraged to sell tickets to their friends in order to raise as much money for the wedding as possible. A chinese aution is held with 10-20 gift packages, ranging from collections of movies and popcorn to a basket of ‘pampering products’ including nick-nacks and chocolates. Sometimes there is a ‘grand prize’ – be it an xbox plus games or a dvd player and TV combo. Tickets are cheap and prizes are drawn at around midnight. Everyone goes with the intention of purchasing a fair amount of tickets in order to support the upcoming wedding.
Weddings can be expensive, and eveyone attending knows that the next one could be for their own, so they contribute a lot. Most socials are in a hall or gym, the odd one is held at a bar. Friday’s social was situated in a gym, tonights was in a bar. Needless to say this weekend has been a bit boozy for me, so I’ll cut this short and head to my comforting bed. If ever there was an idea that the rest of the world should adopt, this is it. It’s small, it’s fun and it brings people together. There is nothing quite as productive at bringing old friends back in contact then a wedding social. It’s harmless and fun, and it helps fund the already expensive weddings. Why don’t you think about it next time you or someone you know gets married?

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  1. ……trying to do the math……..if 50% of the marriages fail but yet they try again how many
    marriage socials does that equal in 1 year? I bet the social has a historic back ground from the days of yore…………….sort of a generic dowry!

  2. Most of us Winnipeggers feel that way. In general you might call us cheap but I’ve never heard of anyone balking at the price of a social ticket. Mix in cheap booze and raffle prizes and you’ve got a great night.

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