I’m sorry about the lack of updates, these last few weeks have been pretty busy for me. Along with trying to get to bed a little earlier I’ve been furiously practicing for an upcoming pool tournament. I wish I could say I was preparing to go school some players but the reality of the situation is that my team and I aren’t the best, in fact we’re second from the bottom. My personal record started off well but I’ve lost many games in the last while so I’ve been pushing myself to go out more. So I have been. Did it do the trick? Very doubtful.
Some links to consume:
Make sure you read get your war on if you haven’t already. If you’re bored you can go through the archives to get a brief reminder of the peaks of U.S. politics over the last year or two. Trust me, it comes right back.
Apparently religious intolerance goes both ways. Say the magic word though and get a free pass out of the media spotlight.
This guy Spade at Hammerdown details some of the frustration I feel with the state of American politics. I mean really, is this just some joke down there that the rest of the world doesn’t get?
My del.icio.us is a link of all the sites I’ve been to that I found noteworthy. This database is courtesy of Spurl who shares his data (and conversely my data) with del.icio.us, however, I like the layout of my links with del.icio.us better. Enjoy! There’s lots of good reading in there (like this goodie 😛 ), categorized and everything.
I’m going to start working on another piece. Another bit of light fluff I’m sure, something to brighten your day with. Man I don’t know how I can spend so much time laughing and having a good time with my friends and be so dour and gloomy online. I guess when I’m with my friends the worries of the world are washed away, but when I get connected all the signs are pointing to more and more hurt in the world. It scares me, it really does, but then there are friends, there are socials, there are lazy evenings on the deck and it’s hard to care so much.

7 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Another “war” story joggled in my mind! What game do you play? A few years back I played
    a of of 9 ball for $$…….I was a better than average player but my partner was excellent! We would win a few buck & drink free……

  2. Ohhh Chef, Jonathan, Schwazz, Dave (don’t know if you’ve conversed with him on our site or not), our non-blog-reading friend Rob and I had the most riveting conversation today during which I kept thinking “Man, I wish ChefQuix could hear this.” I’ll try to see if I can compress it into a form concise enough to be posted as an essay.

  3. Let me know when you’ve written it Jon, although I’m sure I’ll find out on my own.
    Oldcatman – I play 8-ball only, although I know the rules of 9 and have played more than a couple of times, the nuances are unknown to me. Plus, I’m not very good.

  4. I just can’t put it into writing. Maybe we’ll continue the conversation and record it, and I’ll post it up in audio format. That would be cool.

  5. stepped into it again: see: matthewbunney.blogspot.com What a trip blogging is! There you will find in the comments 100 plus reasons to vote for Bush……..from a D. Moss

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