A Call to Arms

Politics have once again come to Canada, and I’ve become involved in the Conservative party because a long time friend is running for the federal government. I’ve been doing his webpage and I feel pretty bad about it as I don’t agree with anything his party stands for. I realized that I have to balance out this ‘evil’ I’m doing, so I’m going to be starting a non-partisan web forum for Winnipeggers to discuss the politics that are coming up. Along with the federal election we also have a mayoral election as our old mayor (Glen Murray) has stepped down to run for the Liberal party (and of course he’s running in the same riding as my friend).

So I’ve registered the domain (I think – stupid domainsatcost.ca) and I’ll be setting up the site in a couple of days. Once I’ve got the forum up and the look and feel that I want I’ll be starting some threads there so that people who visit the site will have something to read. Feel free to participate once I’m at that point, but this is not where I need your help.
What I need from anyone who wants to help iis to go through this blog or Wally’s and look for any quotes or ‘wordbites’ that are interesting or controversial. Why? I’m going to be coordinating a large advertisement campaign in the next week. The main method is going to be large posters with the URL of the website in large print so that people driving by can read the web address. I’ll be posting these up all over town on light and electricity posts, at bus stops and universities etc. However I want to have something on these posters that pedestrians can read, and the only sources I feel comfortable quoting are mine and my buddies sites. So I need you to scan through and find anything that seems interesting to you. You can include peoples comments as well because it falls under my creative commons license.
I really need your help here; there’s no way I can go through it all and find good quotes. Besides, I’m much more interested in what other people like as opposed to what I like. Look at it this way – if this takes off (and I think it will) then you can feel like you foreigners have influenced an election in another Country.
Also, feel free to submit quotes from your own pages – if I use them in the posters I’ll make sure and give you props on the website when it’s up. Just make sure you include the URL so I can link back to it. I need help here, I’m never going to be able to do this alone. 😉

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