Well, progress was a little slow today. I’ve got the site up and running, but I haven’t started doing the necessary research for the initial setup. As opposed to heading home and doing some hardcore surfing / research, I got pulled into seeing Super Size Me, a documentary about a guy who eats nothing but McDicks three times a day for 30 days straight. I’ll just say for the record that I’m never eating from the golden arches again.
So I’m behind schedule. What else is new? I have to dig deep and compile a list of all the ridings and the candidates for each party in said ridings. Then I have to put together a list of issues, and finally I must start some arguments in order to make it a little bit interesting before I launch.
Probability of successful completion of all tasks: 80%

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  1. Wish I could help to some degree–but I’m not real fond of US politics let alone Canadian—I do read the Toronto
    Star daily–you’d thought that Canada would have learned from the US about the Lib. vs. Cons. crappola!

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