Friday at the Charlie

Well, once again I am filled with hope at the burgeoning Winnipeg underground music scene. I went to Charlies on Friday night to see a firend’s band perform only to be blessed with 3 fantastic acts, all of which encompass the Winnipeg vibe. Wormhole, my friends band, brought a throaty yell to a rock and roll crowd that hasn’t been seen in years, Tele presented a youth and sound that is unique and harmonious compared to today’s pop music; top it all off with Inward Eye, a fresh energetic band of brothers rocking the small club scene and you’ve got a rock night of heaven. I’m telling you, I haven’t been as rejuvenated by such music in a long time, and it personally makes me proud to see these future stars rocking it out in little old Winnipeg. What the hell is happening to our little unknown community?

4 thoughts on “Friday at the Charlie”

  1. right on! had a similar experience myself here in Toronto not too long ago at Altered Beats…nothing like a night out to hear some goooooood music! 🙂

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