Google is at it again with Picaso

Today I went to google and found something new: a link to photo management software called Picasa. I can’t explain how pleased this made me – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. You see, my family and I bought my mom a digital camera for her birthday (or was it xmas?) last year, and I’ve never really been able to successfully teach her how to use all the software with it. She has been quite pleased with it but hasn’t really been taking full advantage of the potential, and so after months of frustration Google comes out and recommends some software for the management of your photos. Well you guys already know that I trust google… and lo and behold, it’s pretty awesome. Right away I’ve got this beautiful thumbnail collection of all my photos organized by date. I’m telling you, if you have a lot of photos it’s well worth your while to check out the program.

6 thoughts on “Google is at it again with Picaso”

  1. Google-Picasa-Hello-Gmail… Promising but still..

    Some hints for the Google-dudes there : make Hello a bit more html-compliant so we can make better layouts around uploaded pics, integrated it with Picasa and – of course – integrate it with my Gmail account so I can have an overview of archived pict…

  2. Being a faithful Googler, I tried Picaso. It felt like a beta version to me. It had a few features missing that you would think would be standard things. Like the ability to rename your pictures. Either I dumbed out and missed it or the renaming option was hidden far away under some nook or cranny in the options, but I got over my initial excitement for the new product. Hopefully Google will add some features to it.

  3. I don’t really have anything to say in regard to the new Google thingy, but I did wanna comment on the layout and design of your blog : simple, but stunning. It just works and everything seems very balanced – a job well done.

  4. You may want to take a look at Brilliant Photo. It doesn’t keep that photo info in a separate database file, but rather as meta-data inside the individual picture files. Why is this important you ask? Well imagin losing your whole database or moving to a different piece of software…

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