5 thoughts on “Conventional Wisdom”

  1. sup cous
    its your cousine SATAN from SK.
    Can’t look at the Jon stewart shit right now, cause I’m at work, but I wanted to leave my contact info for yas
    take care, I’ll be leaving rude and ignorant comments as much as I can on your site

  2. SATAN, you have proclaimed yourself, let the tribulation begin!
    Nice to see you actually visited my site cous, maybe you can tell your sister about it as well. Please do leave rude and ignorant comments, those are the ones I love to tear apart. It makes me look smarter. 😛 Plus, a few comments here and there makes up for my general lack of activity posting useless and irreverant things.

  3. hey hey
    I will most definitly pass your page to me sis CB
    Anyway, I have little experience with forums and games. I get really frutrated and end up spitting or punching the screen, so I have little to add besides irrelevant comments. But I can add something, including a link to one of my favorite subjects: EXPLOSIONS!!!
    The link I am posting is to a swedish company that has developed a demining unit called the scanjack. On the link, there are 2 movies of it blowing up anti tank mines. It is the shit. really.
    Anyway, remember that SATAN LOVES you
    SAY YOU LOVE satan
    (I love my mom!!)
    take care

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