The measure of a man…

I found this video of stumbling and mumbling back in February.. For some reason, it seems appropriate to mention that it may not be safe to trust this man and his mission… I turned on CNN today to see that tomorrow held the promise of “The Mission of George Bush”. I hope his mission includes convincing the world that he had no forewarning of 9-11..

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  1. I didn’t watch the video. I have a very slow dial-up connection and a very bad case of paranoia about down-loading anything from the Internet, but I really don’t need to. I live here in what used to be the US of A!
    I do not like Bush and never have, so I really thought I would be the last person to defend “W” on anything, but I have been thinking if Public Speaking is really any indicator of intelligence? I know I would not care to be judged on my ability at speech making, or debating. Especially if it’s scripted! I have a poor memory and even worse oratory skills. I also like to take my time and ponder on things before formulating a reply.
    Though I am somewhat jealous of the ability, I never considered a quick wit and a sharp tongue an indicator of intelligence either. Some people just seem to be born to the Blarney while others are not. We seem to idolize those who can spout torrents, and elect them to offices where what we really need are “Still Waters.” It’s not the person with a quick ‘come-back’ than counts, it’s the person who can come up with the right answers that is really needed.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still think “W” is dumb as they come, I just don’t think Intelligence should be judged on ones ability at public speaking or debating.
    I would much rather see them in an informal setting, lounging around and discussing issues over a couple of beers.

  2. Well the thing that strikes me about this video is not his response, which is canned at best, but his mannerisms and body language. Because you haven’t watched the video, but he’s asked by a reporter if he considered howard dean’s ‘musings’ that Bush had foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks to be hate politics.. All Bush could come up with was:
    “There’s time for politics. And, you know — there’s time for politics. And I — it’s an absurd insinuation.”
    It’s the way he says it and the way he avoids answering the question.. I’m not saying he did have warning but he hasn’t totally convinced me otherwise.

  3. Man, I KNEW there was something fishy about that speech… Check this out:
    It’s an interesting read but if you skim down to the bottom, it mentions this video! The premise being that bush has a hidden earpiece during any kind of press conference or debate, and when asked this question he delayed and delayed until someone prompted him for the ‘it’s an absurd asinuation’…

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