You know, I love the guys at JibJab.com… there’s just something about poking fun at the foolishness of both sides that make’s it so funny. I’m sure most of the world has seen their first breakthrough video but, as they say, they’ve gone and done it again. Poignant accuracy and rapier wit rule the internet, it just takes the right minds to collate the data and present it in a hilarious form. Hats off to these guys for breaking the 5th wall and bringing a little of the internet into the hallowed halls of Big Media. I remember when I saw their first spoof on CNN; I thought to myself ‘”this is the first time I’ve seen a cartoon from the Internet make it onto the boob tube this is a great day” and I was shocked, but not as shocked as I will be if I don’t see JibJab on my local news at 6.

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