Let us beg to differ

I’m still waiting for the riots to occur. I’m in a state of resigned shock over the results, but honestly not the least bit surprised. It turns out the homophobic carrot was the election key, all that talk of the economy and terrorism were really just dressing on the meaty issue of one’s right (or non-right in 11 states) for a person to marry a person of the same sex. Way to go America! Way to show your tolerant, empathetic self. Well, that’s enough politics on this blog for a while.

6 thoughts on “Let us beg to differ”

  1. yes in the land on jesusland, the fairies have their wings torn off
    (funny picture summarizing the state of affairs down yonder)
    oh ya, hi
    looks like me and my girlfriend will be coming for a short visit to see grandma, and of course you guys, maybe nov27??
    will phone this week

  2. Thank you very much for the link. I’ve modified it into a hypertext link, I hope you don’t mind. There’s obviously a lot to digest there and I suffer from a bit of the old Internet ADD when it comes to reading material, but I’ll try my best to go through it. Thanks for coming back!

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