Halloween Costumes

I almost forgot it was Halloween until I read until I read Sadie’s post about halloween costumes… I got to thinking about how much I enjoy Halloween.
Last year, I went as a monk and tried my hand at making a costume from scratch. This involved finding the right material (heavy brown wool blanket), and hand stitching the robe together in the shape of a uniform piece of shit. Needless to say, I was not very impressed.

The year before, I had decided to get an early start on a costume by starting a beard 3 months before Halloween in an attempt to authenticate my Jesus costume. As the deadline drew nearer and nearer, the sad state of my facial hair resulted in a last minute switch to Gilda the bearded woman, which I might add was a great hit at the pyramid cabaret.
This year, I have no costume. I don’t know why I didn’t start thinking of one earlier, I don’t know why I’m not nearly as concerned as I should be. Usually I love putting on a costume. Other successful outfits included a lighting bolt wielding Zeus, in second year engineering, and ‘The Puzzler’, a last minute creation consisting of puzzle pieces glued onto a t-shirt and a gold leprechaun hat.

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I don’t know where I went it my head the last few months, but I feel re-energized for some reason. I think it’s because I realize that I can’t keep quiet anymore about the way this world is going. We’re up spiritual creek without any prayer to hold onto. I think I know a sign though, I really do. I think that if the rest of the world focuses very closely on election day for the US of A then we’ll see some very unusual data at the Global Consciousness Project. If my prediction is right, then statistical anomolies should appear at the dozens of EGGs around the world when the results are being announced. What does this mean? If these are random numbers, generated as randomly as possible, then what does it signify that standing waves can be made is the sea of chaos? How is it that our global perception can change the very fabrick of predictability?
This election promises change. If Bush wins, well, that terrible path is taken. If Kerry wins, we may see a friendlier face in the global arena but in the long run we’ll also see how very similar ‘the two popular’ ideologies really are. Nader is also a possibility. It’s a possibility that he might take away enough votes to prevent a Kerry victory (courtesy of stavrosthewonderchicken). If that happens you have to wonder.. Why would someone possibly vote for Nader when they know that they’re voting Bush in for four more years? We’ll see if that question is answered on election day.
I guess I should probably drop the Nader subject. Nobody really wants to hear from their guilty conscience, their progressive side telling their true feelings, nobody wants that if it means a possibility of four more years of Bush. All I’m suggesting is that in four more years there should be another election, and then perhaps you can vote for what you believe.
Sometimes I wish I was an American. I wonder how heavily I’d be involved in the system if I was given the opportunity of a different path in life. Politics interest me a great deal and sometimes I feel frustrated because I have sit on the sidelines and watch the real political struggle take place. Canada is pretty boring in that way, although like the rest of the boring world interesting things are starting to take place. Sometimes I wish there were more people here. Would the values that Canadians cherish mean more in the world if there were more of us?
At any rate, this promises to be a most interesting time in our history. I await with baited breath the outcome of November 2nd, 2004.

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