Don’t Believe the Hype

I didn’t want my last entry to be the top entry on page so I’m forced into writing something, anything at all just to get those glaring words off the screen. I don’t know if I really hate bush or not, but I hate the things that he’s doing to this world. But enough about that, there’s plenty else to talk about.

In 5 working days, I will no longer be employed. My adventures with the kitty will soon be just memories as the world of possibilities open up before me. This is an amicable leave – don’t get me wrong. I had originally planned to quit at around this time (well, maybe a month or two earlier) and then head overseas to Europe. I’ve been saving for quite some time in order to visit some friends and then ultimately eek out an existence in Romania. I’ve aquired a few friends through my WSA video gaming, and I figured they could show me a good time. Plus, it’s still cheap to live there. I could probably last 8 or 9 months before the heavy burden of responsibility and earning a living get’s put back on my shoulders. I had figured that in the 9 months I would have been able to sort out some kind of income through the Internet – perhaps webhosting, maybe web design, but at any rate all of this might be moot as a transient variable has entered my life and fucked up all my equations.
You might be thinking that the beast of burden is whom I’m talking about, and in a simple world you would be correct. However, in this complex world that we live in the more complicated answer is usually the way it goes. Right now I’m re-evaluating everything – my goals, my plans, my dreams. Yeah, yet another whinging asshole on the Internet with too much time on their hands but hey, it’s my life. I’ll talk about philosophy and our societies structure on my own time, thank you very much. In the mean time you get this sopping love anguish. Sucks to be you!

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